YouTube SEO Tutorial 2018 – Common Mistakes YouTubers Make (YouTube SEO Course Free)

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YouTube SEO Tutorial 2018 – Common Mistakes YouTubers Make (YouTube SEO Course Free)

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Welcome to another video series from YouTube Guidance. In this series, we’re going to be talking about YouTube SEO. More specifically, this series is going to cover why having a good video title, a good video description, and good video tags is important from a YouTube SEO standpoint in 2018. Follow along with this free course and learn about the common mistakes people make when it comes to SEO for YouTube. You won’t find a more informational free course about this topic anywhere else!

In this particular tutorial video, we’re going to be going over some common mistakes YouTubers make when it comes to YouTube video SEO. Personally, I see a lot of mistakes being made by YouTubers when it comes to search engine optimization for their videos. However, I recognize why these mistakes are being made. A lot of YouTubers are simply taught the wrong things by people who claim to be “YouTube experts” when they really aren’t. Fixing these common mistakes will result in much better search engine optimization benefits for YouTubers.

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