Youtube Search Engine Optimization Part 1 | Youtube Keyword Research (Salt Scrub For Body)

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, Welcome To Youtube Search Engine Optimization Part 1. Discover A Effective Way Of Doing Youtube Keyword Research Using

Strategies Used
1) Google Trends
2) Double Quotes
3) VidIQ Software
4) Video Marketing Blaster

Keyword Research has to incorporate competitive analysis and demand research.
1. Google Trends
Know if there is a trend and a need for this content in Youtube from google trends.
2. Double Quotes
After taking the keyword from google trends, paste the keyword in Youtube Search Bar and do double quotes to check if other people are using this keyword already. If the number is 0 then it is a good keyword to target tentatively speaking. Remember to use keywords that are long tailed. Meaning the words are long and more descriptive. They make your topic more niche, focused and it ranks better usually.
3. Use VidIQ Software to gauge competition and volume (Search Demand) of Keyword. There is a VidIQ Score. The higher the score the better.
4. Also paste the keyword in the Video Marketing Blaster Software to analyze the difficulty level to rank the keyword.
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