Youtube Search Engine Optimization Introduction | Make Passive Income Online With Internet Marketing

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Dear All, I am delighted to share with Youtube Search Engine Optimization Introduction. You can make passive income Online with internet marketing. There are 2 ways you can earn passive income
2 Sources of Income
1) Youtube Adsense
2) Amazon Affiliate
1) Youtube SEO Introduction

2) Youtube Keyword Research

a) Kenji Teaching Kids To Draw
b) Soap
c) Robot Skills future
d) Laser Acupuncture Skills Future
e) Snack Fair
f) Economic Talk forum

3) Youtube Content Strategy
3.1) Your own content
3.2) Other people’s content (Creative Commons Content)
3.21) Youtube Directory
3.22) Other Websites
3.3) Stock Video Footage Memberships –
3.4) Music
3.41) Youtube Free Music Directory

4) Youtube Descripton Strategy
5) Youtube Tags
6) End Screens
7) Cards
8) Subtitles
9) Youtube SEO Softwares
6.1) VidIQ
6.2) Video Marketing Blaster
10) Youtube Ranking Check
11) Social Media Sharing
12) Adwords Boost
13) Facebook Ads Boost

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