Word quickly spread it would return with rejuvenated

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Word quickly spread it would return with rejuvenated Alabama returning. The message eventually reached Scott Cochran. Alabama’s fireball of a strength and conditioning coach became a viral video star that week. Steve Horsford, a Democrat. The seat is one that Democrats say they could flip.Hardy said he plans to pursue a balanced budget amendment, saying it’s needed to require the federal government to live within its means.”Hopefully if we get the right people in there, we can move this thing forward,” he said.He said he has previously owned and operated a construction company, and has the perspective of a business owner who has created jobs and opportunities for people to be successful.”To be able to be a servant to the country has been a real privilege,” Hardy said.Hardy’s committee assignments in the House include Transportation and Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Small Business.He points to his work, which includes the passed federal highway bill that contains plans for the Interstate 11 extension between Las Vegas and Reno. He also has worked on legislative amendments that would use grazing as a means to reduce wildfires, combat invasive species in rangeland and benefit ranchers.”I think people will see the fruits of my labor and I think that’s what it’s about,” Hardy said.RUBEN KIHUENKihuen moved to the United States from Mexico with his family when he was 8 years old.Kihuen in the 2015 legislative session supported a $1.3 billion tax package which included the biggest tax increase in state history devoted to reforming public schools in Nevada through a variety of accountability measures.

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