Why Real Estate Agents Should Be Blogging

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Blogging can set you apart from more “old school agents” who don’t take the time to interact with potential clients on the internet.

It can also help you appear higher in Google’s search results when people look for local real estate agents.

Be sure to keep your blog focused on your niche market.

Let’s say you’re a newer agent in Fort Myers, Florida.

Even the phrase “Fort Myers real estate agent” will be a highly sought after on search engines.

You may want to be even more specific with your blog’s keywords, such as “Fort Myers waterfront real estate agent.”

When you start a blog, you may be fighting against a lot of fear and anxiety: Is this professional enough? Is my information correct? Is that comma in the right place?

But here’s the thing: nobody may be reading your blog at first. You may not get so much as a comment or like, let alone an email or phone call with a lead. But what you are doing is improving your SEO.

It’s hard to put a specific price on improving your site’s page rank on Google, which is why a lot of people ignore it. As long as you keep posting relevant and interesting content on a consistent basis, the readers will come, and so will your return on investment.

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