Why Do I Have to Make My Blog an Authority Site?

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Building an authority status for yourself, your business, or your blog site can take a lot of time. If you can not succeed in building an authority site with all the traffic you could ever want, in any niche you want, then it will not be because the information was not there. Another example is to earn a reputation in a certain field by building an authority through services such as Yahoo answer. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of building an authority blog site. The first area we will concentrate on is how to build an authority site for your business and all the tools and resources to create it so that you will get maximum exposure for your industry.


We are building a long-term, authority site, so you better make sure that your domain name is brandable. The next piece of the puzzle is the blog site's design. On the web, I noticed that finding a successful blog site in my niche with a lot of traffic is very much like finding a predator kill in the wild.


Authority sites come into being because they deliver great content that people have demonstrated they want, and they make money by covering topics that can be supported by (among other things) lucrative affiliate programs. While this article discussed laying the basic groundwork for your authority affiliate site, the next article will talk specifically about building various types of landing pages. Make Your Blog an Authority Site. If you've been involved in any type of Internet marketing the last year or so, then you have heard how authority sites are taking the place of spam sites for a business model. An authority blog can have advertising and such, this is a spectrum not n either or or, but the best performing directly monetized blogs and sites will have aspects about them that reduce their authority appeal. Once you build a thriving community, you will definitely have an authority site.


Once you start receiving the initial content for your authority affiliate site, it is time to begin using that content to form landing pages. These initial batches of content do not need to be informational (unless you want to spend some extra money up front), but instead, should be sales content for your landing pages. The reason we are only creating landing page content at this point is that our main goal is to generate a positive cash flow and then use those profits to fuel further development. Authority blog sites, on the other hand, typically provide content in the form of articles, news, blogs, etc.


Authority Site Center delivers a quantity and quality of traffic that money simply can not buy. How much money will you lose if you spend another year jumping from scheme to scam only to end up right back where you are today? "You absolutely have to find a way to bring remarkable service, content and products to your niche that just blows everything else away, or at least blows away enough of the competition that you are right up there with the best of the best in your niche and making the money you want to make with your business.


Google is definitely favoring authorites sites over smaller niche sites. Google and other search engines will reward you for fresh content by giving you better ranking. Google and Yahoo provide services where you can submit an advanced version of your sitemap using an XML file. Whatever Google decides to do, search engine optimization professionals will have a more difficult challenge and only the best will be able to produce good results. Article Submission – Submitting 4-5 original articles to the 5 article directories that are recommend that will get you fast ranking within Google once the article approves the submission; you will have to go back and takes the article page within the article directory and starts linking to the article. In other words, your strategy here is to utilize your "authority" status (and again, Google will automatically rank you higher for being such a site) to get other "experts" in the field to give you articles simply to be associated with you .


In fact, most recently the web has not only integrated social networking and social media in its content distribution methods but has become a social network in itself. Then, write about it on your site and make it go viral by submitting it to social networking sites, emailing relevant bloggers, and issuing press releases.


You would also need to have an understanding and a full knowledge of how the content works the various high networking options and sophisticated web site builders with guaranteed SEO ranking. Humanity is my community and I love internet marketing and networking and teaching … so this thing is … You get a feel for the niche, networking opportunities, friendships, and a whole lot of fun.

Lately, a lot of articles talk about achieving better search engine ranking by building an authority blog site. As opposed to PPC, building an authority site is more an investment of time and energy. Common sense will tell you that when building an Authority Site your readers want relevant content and nobody will want to watch a bunch of unrelated, but done article, but a relevant article that is on topic makes article marketing something that will keep a visitor on your site. It was my understanding if you were building an authority site; links to other relevant sites was a natural situation and therefore a good thing.

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