who White House sources confirmed had significantly

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Biden, who White House sources confirmed had significantly increased his annual marijuana sales after swiping a state of the art hydroponics unit from a gardening supplies store back in 2012, expressed frustration at the possibility that legalizing the drug would wreak havoc on all of his investments. Voters approved “that horseshit” Marijuana Legalization Initiative in a ballot measure last November. “Don’t get me wrong, Uncle Joe is slinging the dankest nugs in town.

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pandora jewellery National Socialism/Communism are two heads on the same monster though they have different flavours in their ideology. This is why they clashed in WW2 because they both wanted their particular ideology to rule the world. Indeed these anti fascist groups are funded and organised by the establishment higher up the chain of command but those who take part just don’t know it just like the Islamic terrorists who are members of their groups they too are being funded by the west (and Saudi Arabia) but just don’t know it! The New World Order is being set up and it will be based on Communist ideology a deadly cocktail errabizsoft.com for human beings, it will be merciless, intolerant and deadly for all UNLESS WE STOP IT!This is how it goes pandora jewellery.

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