What to Write on a Business Blog

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A blog can be great for your business, drive customers to your website, and increase your sales. On the other hand, it can just sit unread by anyone other than search engine robots combing it for keywords. While the later might get you up a spot or two in searches, it's not going to do anything real for your business. This article is coming at things from a customer's perspective, inspired by what I like to see on business sites I follow. Grabbing the attention of actual readers will not only keep customers loyal, it'll also increase page hits, which is always good for those search engines, too.

You want to treat a business blog as what it is, social media, but do not tell your customers how your day is going unless you just won some big industry award, or you had a great time at an interesting business conference. Everything you write needs to stay on target. Are you promoting a sale? Did you just release a new product? Are you trying to point out how something you do is way better than the other guys? Find your message. Be less formal, though. In keeping with social media, do not write everything like a press release. Use a casual writing voice (which is not to say unexciting) with your business's key phrases gently worked in. On the flip side of that, do not be sloppy about it. Ensure you still use proper grammar. Writing like one would in texts or tweets is not the best idea for a business blog.

Customers will become frequent readers of your blog if you do one thing in particular well – hype. Tease people a little before the big announcement. Reveal some tidbits for your customers to get excited about. And after the event, make a big deal about it. Come back to it some days / weeks down the line, and share testimonials, or show how what you're doing is impacting your community, or industry. You do not have to begin and end a topic with one post, in fact, you're doing a disservice to your business if you do. Frequent readers will come back and spend time on your site the more you post about something. Also, do not forget about anyone new coming to your blog; they might want to catch up on things, and giving them plenty to read can increase their confidence in your product.

If things slow down, and you do not have anything huge to write about, there's other things you can focus on to make sure your business blog lasts active. Suggest what might be coming in the near future, or give your customers a little insight into the company. You can profile employees, get into company history, give folks a little virtual tour of your offices if they're particularly impressive or fun. These types of things should remain brief, though; readers might not care as much. Hit the high points, make them pop, and get off it. Reaching out for feedback is another way to keep readers interested. Take a survey, or just ask what people want from your company, or what they like about your product. Have them respond in the comments, or make use of Twitter hashtags to increase awareness via other media.

There's a world of things to write about for almost any business. It'll take a bit of creativity, but remember to keep your business blog active and exciting to keep a buzz amongst your customers. When someone wants to come back to your site and check up on your posts, even if they are not buying at the time, they'll be sure to buy from you in the future – return traffic is one of the most important things for your presence online.

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