What is Google Penguin? How to Recover from Penguin Penalty?

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In this article you will get to learn, what is Google penguin and how to recover from penguin penalty, and more about Google panda and penguin.

A very useful guide for webmasters. What is Google Penguin and how to recover from it's Penalty. Very Easy recover from Google penguin.

Bloggers and Business men try to work hard for their blogs and websites, they build links for their Blog’s rankings, Produce quality content, but it becomes very difficult when Google releases another new update to hit your blog.

You have to find out the problem and resolve it to recover from these type of Penalties, which is probably a difficult task. But if you try to be careful while building links, producing content, and doing SEO of your blog than you can prevent these type of penalties.

Google keeps releasing its new updates with different names. Google Penguin is a Secret/code name for Google’s algorithm update which was released on April 24, 2012.

This update targeted to decrease the search engine rankings of Websites and blogs violating of Google Webmaster Guidelines. They are now declared as black hat tricks, some of them are explained below:

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Link Schemes:

Some people participate in link schemes for exchanging links with companies and websites. According to Google it is a Black Hat trick that can lead your website to Penguin Penalty. Stay away from these kind of Link Exchanging programs and try to create some quality back links with Guest posting.

Keyword Stuffing:

This is a Black Hat Trick used to improve the Search Engine ranking of their sites. This trick includes using too much keywords in Meta tags or in the HTML code which can only be read by search engines but not by readers.

This Unethical trick is used to increase Search engine ranking of a website. But this trick works no more because Google is taking strict action against webmaster who do these type of tricks to increase their SERP.


Cloaking is a technique to present your blog or website differently to search engine Spiders or Crawlers as compared to other readers, this is usually done by delivering content based on IP addresses or User agent HTTP header of the user requesting the page.

When the user is identified as search engine bot, server-side script delivers a different type of webpage as compared to original reader to increase Search Engine rankings. Never try to do this for increasing SERP.

Duplicate Content:

I think all Newbie Bloggers are aware of this term, actually this trick is tried by every blogger in the start of his blogging career. Even I also tried these kind of tricks to increase Search Engine Rankings. This is a trick which means Copying of content from some blog and pasting it in your new blog post.

New bloggers do it because they do not know how to write. But Search Engine Algorithms are much sophisticated to identify even one line of copied content and they penalize the blog of Copycat. Try to create your own and original content which can also get higher ranking than the blog you are copying.

Penguin’s Effect on Search Engine Results:

Google estimate that Google Panda affects more that 3.1% of search results in English Language, 3% of queries in languages like Chinese, Arabic, German, etc.

How to recover:

If you think that your site got hit by Google Penguin by mistake, you can request against this hit to Google by using this Form. And if you were really using these kind of black hat tricks, you have to manually debug those web pages and ask google web spam team to reconsider your site again for checking and recovering through same form above.

Penguin Recovery Tips.

1. Remove Links from Posts and Homepage.

Try to remove or less outbound links from posts and also from Homepage. Because Google don’t like high volume of outbound links. Outbound links means are that links which are none of your website url. So be aware from Google Penalty. If you want to post then you should do it as no-follow. In my previous article.

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2. Removing / Editing Low Quality Contents.

May be mostly blog’s has low quality contents, what is Low Quality Contents? Actually there is many reasons to determine a low quality contents. Reasons listed below.

  • That posts which has less than 300 words content.
  • Which has lots of outbound links.
  • Which contain illegal or copyright stuff.
  • Which has bad grammar or weak English writings.

Here is a Guide for more: How to Know Low Quality Article

3. Build Backlinks on High Ranking / Authority Blogs

Backlinks are very important for a website. It does not means you do spam on other blogs, I mean to say you should do guest posts on other blogs, and get a proper and legal backlink to your site. Do comments very little and legal with comments policy.

I had read a article on How to Make Solid Backlinks for your website.

I hope you may like this article, feel free to make any discussion if you feeling any trouble or want to ask more.

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