What is Google Panda? How to Recover Panda Penalized Blog?

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Google Panda and Blogging: Now in these days a lot of peoples doing blogging. Mostly peoples create perfect blogs and most peoples do blogging for different purpose, and there Is many auto robots type software’s which are damage other blog’s reputation. So Google make some changes in Search Engines.

What is Google Panda.

Panda Was Discovered in 2-23-2011. Panda is Google’s Update, so it’s called Google Panda. Whys it was discovered below a lot of reasons and descriptions given.

Google Panda is a Google update and it mostly like to hit spam blogs, that blogs which have low quality contents, But Here is Guide to Recover Panda Update.

An Interview with Google Panda:

Hi, I am a Google Panda, I love only quality Contents, which peoples do blogging with great stuff and legal stuff. I love that articles. I like long descriptions and details articles. I hate that contents which are copied from other sites without permissions or low qualities contents if I hit any blog or website. I am growing day by day and I visit your blogs every month.

If you think I will harm you blog or I will through your ranking low then, please trash all your low quality and copied contents. Otherwise if I hit then I am not responsible.

And I eat spam blogs as a breakfast still i am hungry come after a month almost and ate a lot of spam blogs. So if you doing spam blog i will eat your also as soon wait for my update.

So it was a short interview with Google Panda I hope you understand about Google panda in easy language. So now I have to explain you if your blog is penalized by Google panda then how to recover it from Google panda.

7 Tips How to Keep Save Your Blog from Google Panda.

  1. Always Post Quality Contents.
  2. Put Images with your own Watermark.
  3. If copied anything from other blogs must give a source link below stuffs.
  4. Do not Add Bad Keywords or abuse languages.
  5. Always spam or Move to Trash Spam or Automate Comments or which are not related to content keywords.
  6. Check webmaster tool properly and keep blog up to date.
  7. Do Limited Social Promotions do not spam on other sites with your link.

Recovering Tips and Techniques from Google Panda Hits.

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Step 1 >> Remove Low Quality Contents.

No Matter How Which Platform you are using just need to follow these instructions. So every blogger’s dashboard at least has a Posting Options. You need to check all posts which have quality articles and which have illegal stuffs.

Step 2 >> Remove unused and Sponsored Posts links.

Step 2 >> Once you removed low qualities articles, now go for Links, remove all bad or unused links from home page and also from Posts. Mostly peoples get into creed and they post some casino type links in blogs for making little money. But they don’t know that little creed can make big problems in future.

Step 3 >> Convert All Links as Nofollow.

If you have links in posts, make sure do all links as unfollow or nofollow, in past I has written a content about it.

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  1. How to Know Links are Dofollow or Nofollow.
  2. How to Do All Links Nofollow in Blog.
  3. How to make specific Nofollow Links.

Step 4 >> Uninstall Non-Official Plugins and Theme.

May be you has installed some black hat plugins or some plugins like which provide fake traffic or fake views so, Google Strictly against to it and your blog can be hit very instantly. Always install only that plugins, eventually which have an official sites or published on WordPress official plugins market.

Step 5 >> Remove unused Meta Tags or Meta Keywords.

Meta keywords are called spam in Google point of view so be aware from it only add tags or meta keywords very limited don’t more than 5, because if you will add bulk Google can be hit you if you has added a lot of tags in wordpress or blogger labels, then remove all unused or spam view tags.

Step 6 >> Fix All Broken Links or 404 Error Pages.

How much your links are broken? It is very necessary to fix all links, because Google hates crawl errors even you cannot make money if you don’t have a clean crawl stats. Publisher networks disapprove websites because they don’t like crawl errors.

A Guide : How to Fix all Crawl Error – Redirect all 404 to Homepage.

Step 7 >> Keep Eye on Analytics.

More Tips and Techniques coming soon keep visiting this page

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