What is Google Adsense ? And How it Works?

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What is Google Adsense and how it works

What is Google Adsense and how it works

What is Adsens?

Adsense is a company which is develop by Google
This is big Advertising Network for publishers its allow you to show ads into your web site
Adsense is the Advertising Networks for publishers/Public there peoples submit their applications like web site blog, mobile apps, games, videos and  other apps etc Adsense is a famous company and application by Google this is not scam company this is famous and world # 1 site its allowing peoples to earn money in home. So continue Reading next how you can earn.
Adsense give us all size of code which is made in html when we insert it into our website its shows ads automatically.
its show many kind of advertisement. when some one click on it we will earn more and more.

Google Adsense Is Launches by  Google Inc. and its Launches in jun 2003.


How adsense works?

Adsense Works : 1st we need to submit  our application to Google adsense its takes 2-3 business day for approval or disapprove they check and scan web site if its able to run adsense ads then they approve after approval they give us codes we need to put that codes in our web site or blog after some minutes advertisement running starts.

Google Adsense Show ads on Our site or anywhere. our earning base on Cost per Click (CPC). 

When a reader clicks on those ads, you’ll be paid 30-50% of what the advertiser paid for the click. (This is an average figure and is subject to the providers’ payout conditions). In order to know what the average click will generate, you’ll need to look at the keywords and key phrases being targeted. Unfortunately, Google only really displays this information through their Adwords Keyword Tool, which is for advertisers, not publishers.

 If We are using highest paying Keyword our earning will increase normally cost per click is 0.10 to 1$

For people who want to advertise their products and services through the Google AdSense system, it’s just a matter of signing up through Google Adwords program and letting Google know how much they want to spend towards advertising through Google AdSense. These businesses can specify the limit and Google AdSense system will accordingly serve their Ads so as to ensure that the specified limit is not crossed. Google AdSense increases the visibility of their business/ services and also increases traffic to their website; hence fulfilling their purpose of advertising.

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