What is auto Blogging how to create aut blog in blogger hindi urdu part 3

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Auto blogging is a process of using an automated software which scrapes the content from the RSS feeds of another website and then republish the same on your Blogger and WordPress.

This automatic blogging process requires no work because it generates its contents from the various website like BuzzFeed.

The benefits of auto blogging are:
You no need to work because it generates its contents.
You can make a lot of money day and night.
You need not be an SEO expert.
You need not be a technology guy.
There is no cost to maintain the blog because it is free.
You see that the process is too easy and it also makes you a lot of cash every month.

How to auto blogging on Blogspot using IFTTT and RSS feeds?
As we already know that a WordPress is the perfect solution to automate our blogging task using thousands of free plugins.

But, You can’t enjoy these privileges on Blogspot.

Do you know why? Because it has the lack of features.

Hopefully, there is some third party web applications and their tweaks available which you can use to automate your blog posts using RSS feeds (or Newsletter) and Email. And in this guide, We will do the same.

what you need

A blog on blogger and Gmail account. (Google powers both)
An RSS Feed (I will use Google News Feed, You can use any other also.)
An IFTTT account.
Note: You need to create an email on Gmail and a blog on Blogspot, an account on IFTTT yourself. This is a very easy task.


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