What is Affiliate Marketing and How to start with it?

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affiliate-marketing-guideYou might have heard about Affiliate Marketing. Do you know what it means? No. Well, don’t you worry because today I will tell you “What is affiliate Marketing. How can you start Affiliate Marketing on your blog and what are the ways to monetize your blog through affiliate marketing.

In case you haven’t heard about it. Let me tell you the meaning of Affiliate Marketing:

“Affiliate marketing means promoting other’s products or goods and earn commission in return”

Normally it means, when you put the link/banner in your blog and when someone click on that link/banner, you will get some commission in return.

Affiliate marketing is beneficial for both the advertisers and publishers. Advertisers gets an increase in sales, and the publishers gets a good revenue in return. Now the question arise, How do I get started in Affiliate Marketing? Well for it you must find the right affiliate products and you must have the audience who you know will be interested in that product. E.g if you have a gaming blog and you are promoting gaming products and you know that your audience will be interested in these products. So, it’s best to always search for the relevant products.

Now, I am going to give you some tips where to find affiliate products:

Check the affiliate networks:

The most important place to find affiliate products is from affiliate networks. Some famous affiliate networks are ClickBank, Commision Junction and Shareasale.  You can easily get good affiliate products for your blog from here.

Check the popular online Stores;
Some popular online stores like EBay, Amazon etc. They also have an affiliate program. Just sign up and create an account and you may be able to find some good advertisers from here.

Search the Web:

Another important step in this regard is to search the web for affiliate marketing. Register on different websites they will also help a lot.

2. How to monetize your blog:

Well, If you have good traffic and audience on your blog. You can easily promote the products and earn good revenue from it. Other than that, you can also use social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon. On Facebook you can create a page and start promoting it.Facebook has more than 6 Million visitors and you can promote your products properly here. You can also use Web 2.0 blogs for promoting the products. Forums are also a great source to promote the products. Create accounts on popular forums and promote the products here.

Other steps like Email building, sharing the articles about the products on Ezine articles and other famous sites are also very important in this regard.

Well these are the tips for now. If we have to add some more tips about affiliate marketing we will add it here.

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