What is Google Adsense? Make Money with Adsense Blog

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A Very well Article Written for Newbie Bloggers, What is Adsense and how you can make money with adsense blog, adsense is free for everyone and easy money.

Make Money with adsense blog ,Google Adsense is one of the best and easiest way to monetize your website’s traffic. Google Adsense is a program run by Google and it allows publishers of different websites to serve image, video or text Ads according to the website’s traffic and content. Google Adsense is considered as the best source of earning for the bloggers out there. If you have a website/blog and want to monetize it properly then Google Adsense is the best option. Through Google Adsense you can earn hundreds of dollars in a day. Many popular websites now a day uses Google Adsense to monetize their content because it’s the best option and most popular advertising network. Adsense is also important for the small/medium business who don’t have many resources. They can also put ads on their websites and earn dollars in and day. The main source of traffic for Adsense is Google Adwords.

Make Money With Adsense Blog

Can I add Adsense on my website?

No you can’t add Adsense on your website unless you send them an application if the application gets accepted then you will be able to place ads on your website. If it gets rejected then you have to check why it gets rejected. There are many reasons for a website to get rejected.

  1. If your site does not have quality content.
  2. If your website’s content is against Google policies
  3. If your traffic is not enough

So, it’s better to check your website first, then apply for it. Otherwise, it will get rejected.  Moreover, if your website gets approved then you can place ads on it. You can place only three Google ads on a single page.  Adsense has given different ads sizes and you can choose whichever you like and put it on your website which suits the best.  The most popular ones are 300×250 banner or 728×90 banner which you can put in the header area.

My Website got banned. Why?

If you’re one of them whose website got banned then you may be involved in invalid clicking or something which is against Google’s terms. So, try to avoid all such things and thoroughly check your website and also check the links you are going to put in it.

How to avoid getting banned?

If you want to save yourselves from getting banned then you have to make your blog user friendly. Don’t put too many guest posts or links in your blog and update it with fresh, up to date content. Old content or copied content does not attract readers.

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