7 Best Ways to Promote your Blog Online

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Coming up with ways to promote your blog is often a difficult task. It is easy to read tips online, but putting them into action is a whole other story. This article attempts to give tips that are generic enough to be applied by most blog owners, but specific enough so that you can implement them right away.


The best advice however, is probably to be persistent. Do not spend an hour or two each week promoting your blog. You should promote it at every opportunity, from writing on online forums to sending off your electronic CV. You will most likely be exposed to numerous communication devices during your week, such as email, social media and online comment sections. When you are using these communication methods, you should keep in mind that you have a blog, and that something within your blog may be applicable to whatever you are doing online.

 7 Ways to Promote Blog

1 – Leverage your following on social media

This tip assumes that you have an active profile on one or more social media platforms. If you do have followers then you need to use them to gain more traffic to your blog. You can start by publishing excerpts from your blog onto your social media profile. You must stimulate conversation about the topic of your blog post. As you discuss the topics on your social media site, you must show people excerpts from your blog post in order to make your point. In other words you are quoting yourself as a reliable source of information. You can be as blatant as you like by telling people that you cover some great points within your blog post, and use your excerpts as an excuse to install links to your blog from your social media platform.

There are going to be a fair amount of people on your chosen social media who are not willing to read your blog on a regular occasion. They may however be used to carry your marketing message to other people. You can create viral content that has a link to your blog embedded within or your brand logo embedded within. You can disseminate this viral content to your social media followers/friends, and have them share it amongst their friends.

2 – Ask your readers to spread the word

Your blog readers themselves can be used to promote your blog. Appeal to your reader’s logic and their love/like for your blog posts. You not have to resort to marketing tricks or incentives. You can simply explain, in a logical fashion, how you need traffic if you are going to maintain this blog, and how other people can help you to maintain the blog by telling their friends about the blog. You should explain to them that you are not asking for donations, but are asking for a little help in getting your message out to the general public. If your readers like/love your blog then they will not wish to see it cease to exist. You can use this desire to convince your readers that they are able to help you, and convince them that you will be able to continue providing free blog posts if you can just raise your traffic numbers a little bit more.

3 – Affiliate advertising

Something as simple as Adwords from Google can provide a cheap means of getting your blog out there. It will take some clever advertising if you wish to market your blog to the right people, but you get to control the cost of clicks for your adverts. This means that even if you have a small budget, you can still see a return on your investment by advertising your blog. You will also find that if your blog is on some form of specific niche, you will have very little competition for keywords and will subsequently end up paying less for your clicks. Just be sure that your adverts make it clear that your blog is a great research tool and a place of very specific information that comes from a credible source (you). Do not make your adverts sound as if you are selling something otherwise you will attract the wrong type of viewer.

4 – Add a link to the bottom of all your email communications

Every email you send should have a link to your blog embedded on the bottom. It should be there as standard, so that it appears when you send an email to your grandma as well as when you send an email to your employer.

5 – Join discussions and groups that relate to your blogs theme

Become involved in the online community that relates to your blogs niche. This is not just common sense–it s a marketing reality. It is why cotton candy sellers go to fairs and why life insurance salespersons go to school reunions. If you want to sell the idea of reading your blog then you need to get where the action is.

6 – Brand your blog, grow your brand recognition and guest post on other web domains

Branding does include more than just installing a logo on your blog, but installing a logo is a good start. If you can get your readers to recognize your brand logo then you will be able to promote your own blog by guest posting on other peoples blogs. If online users see your logo then they will pay more attention when they eventually come across the blog that hosts the logo. It may peak their curiosity enough so that they read a few of your blog posts. Guest blogging also offers you the opportunity to link to your website, so you may gain a little bit of direct traffic too.

7 – Learn your reader’s primary motivation for reading your blog and work to appeal to them in other areas that interest them.

Are your readers reading your blog as research for their job? Is your blog frequented by students doing their homework, revision or coursework? Does your blog have frequent visitors from people wanting to know specific news? It is up to you to find your readers motivations so that you can appeal to them more directly. For example if you are getting a lot of students reading your blog, it may be wise to promote your blog on other websites that appeal to students.

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