How-to Verify Google Authorship for your Blog

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In this article i will tell you how to get verify Google authorship for your blog. and Get good Author Ranking for your blog it is best seo roll for a website and blog. and best way for a webmaster to prove he / she is owner of that web blog.

Verify Google Authorship for your blog. then you are able to show your Pic and profile in Google search result.

Importance of Verify Google Authorship.


This is very important part for blog Reputation. A verified authorship shows a blog reputation and it’s contents. The contents looks more adorable while searching and increase blog reputation.


As a blogger may you already know about it without seo a blog has nothing. because of seo blogs become more successful and visible to Google. Google like Good Search engine optimized Contents. And a Verified Authorship make blog more better roll for seo. It has a very great roll for SEO. You can boost seo more fast with verifying Google Authorship for your blog.

Author Ranking:

Authorship for blog boost Author Ranking it has very importance for blog owner. If a author has good reputation and good ranking in Google view peoples trust on it.

How to Verify Google Authorship for your Blog

How it can be done? Verify Google Authorship.

There is not any difficult thing just need edit Google+ profile and add it to web blog. there is not any else that need to submit you need to do it manually.

So let’s start with this how to do that.

Go to your Google plus profile page click on edit profile and scroll down you will see a contributor section Add your blog Url there and make save changes.

How to Verify Google Authorship for your Blog

Header Code

Add Code into head section

[php] <link rel="author" href="" /> [/php]

For Blogger : Go to Dashboard >> Design >> Edit Html >> search for <head> section and below paste code.

For WordPress : Go to Appearance Editor >> Header.php Add code anywhere save changes.

You can also use WordPress plugin get it here.

How to Verify Google Authorship for your Blog

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