Top 10 Traffic Tips to Drive Traffic to your Blog

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Increase Your Blog Traffic - Traffic Tips to Drive traffic to your blog.

Mostly Peoples Want to know best traffic tips, that really work for them, but there is various ways to drive traffic to your blog, but here is some common and easy explained traffic tips, which i shared with my personal experienced and after reaching lots of traffic tips guides.

You might be wondering, what i am going to share or what’s special here, but let me tell you. there is lots of guides available online, but it’s true it is one of the best source for starting a blog or website, newly sites can get traffic only from social media for free. because mostly bloggers can’t afford advertisement plans.

In this article i am going to share some best and top 10 Tips to get more traffic on your blog.

I can bet you, if you will pick any one of the tip, you can drive high qualified traffic to your blog easily. i love all of these tips, because i also used this, my blog growing up day by day just because of these tips. it’s my experienced. i would like to provide you my best experience about traffic from social media and from other networks.

I think mostly peoples don’t like to read these kind of articles because they think they are more smart, or they have some alternate tips, but i gonna tell you can not get traffic with tricks, that all is time waste. So follow legit ways and do little hard work.

If you are new blogger or webmaster, you might be don’t have any idea how to invest or get traffic on your blog, but let me introduce you various of free ways to drive traffic to your blog.

Top 10 Traffic Tips to Drive Traffic To your Blog Here.

1. Traffic from Social Media.

Traffic from Social media is a great source all professionals and new peoples use this source to drive good volume traffic to their sites. Our blogCheer also using social media, All peoples at least has some friends on social networks so share your thoughts and web posts links with them.

Create Social Profiles: As we know about Facebook, twitter and Google+ that are famous social networks on internet, you should create some professional look and style Pages and profile for your website. Create pages and promote it on other pages and profiles tell your peoples to follow you or be a fan of your page.

Increase Relations: improve your relations with other peoples who are blogging or even who are not, good relations are very important, because some of your great followers keep eye on your every update from social, so when you share some interested links they will check what you wrote in it. I hope you got my point.

2. Commenting On Blogs.

Might be it is boring for you. but i do it every day. you probably thinking is it spam? but let me explain a qualified comment is not spam do comments on other blogs and make a good discussion. there is two benefit if you will comments on other blogs. First on is your relation will increase with other peoples, and 2nd is you will get a backlink for your website. it is also part of make solid backlink.

Don’t take my advice or tip wrong just try to enhance your website. when you make discussion other peoples will follow you and also open your blog while reading your comment. before a long time i also commented on lots of blog. now i commenting very limited, because i has made many relations already.

3. Answering the Questions.

You should join some questions answers websites, i would like to introduce you some famous online Questions Answers websites like yahoo, ask, and other websites, once you started answering on questions, leave your blog link as a signature there, or provide information with your blog. you will receive lots of traffic.

4. Joining Forums & Threads.

Many forums and famous communities live on internet and there is lots famous forums like Digitalpoint and other too. many users create new threads daily for different purpose, some peoples create threads for sale or offer something, and some peoples create threads for help or other issue, you can also create any threads, enhance your relation and also leave your website link as signature of your profile.

5. Writing Qualified Contents.

Why Qualified Contents? you might be wondering what is link it with traffic?, but here i tell you what is relations, when i visitor come a qualified visitor, he /she see posts and analyze should they subscribe your blog for next time read. so if peoples take interest in your blog they will save it for visit also next time. Qualified articles has lots of features, in past we had share a article about How to identify low quality contents, so you should read it and try to improve your writing skills and improve contents for your blogs. Always take advantage of high quality visitors, they don’t come daily, but it is upto how you will drive them or how you will force them to read your blog again. I advice you to also create some social connectivity buttons on your blog and also social bookmarking buttons.

6. Update Blog Regularly.

Update Blog Posts Regularly, when you publish every new post readers come automatically and would like to read latest posts from your blog Archive. Users will explore many pages, and your pageviews volume will increase.

7. Improve Ranking.

Ranking Issue is very critical for everyone. because without rank a blog has not any reputation or a blog does not make money online. so first of all improve your blog ranking. Like in my past i shared guides about Improve Alexa Rank & Increase Google Pagerank So follow the instructions and improve your ranking.

Google Like good ranking blog because, google need trust for indexing articles on Google. and there is lots of factors about google, which i shared in my previous articles.

8. Create Interested and useful articles.

Readers or Visitors don’t like Boring articles like some time you try to post guest posts on your blog. i has told before about it in my old article 8 Reasons Why you should not Publish Guest Posts, and also don’t go for paid articles which has boring contents. Google Dofollow penalty is coming, this one also good reason for you to do not publish boring and do-follow links articles.

9. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is great source to enhance relations with bloggers and webmasters, when you write guest posts for other blogs, then they gives you a author bio with a backlink if your article is good peoples would like to follow you and your website. And they also make social connectivity with you.

10. Creating Emails List

Every blogger use emails subscribers system but mostly peoples use feedburner, but as we heared google is going to kill feedburner you should build your list manually, A Guide How to Improt Emails List from Feedburner, you can use some alternatives to feedburner also, well come to point, creating a emails list and send daily or weekly emails to peoples for latest or popular posts, it also help you to increase traffic, and improve direct traffic.

11. Add Social Bookmarking Buttons

Social Media Promotion is great source to get original and organic traffic, this traffic also help you to improve web ranking, add social media buttons in posts, homepage, in sidebar or where possible just add it, because you should force readers to bookmark your web blog, when they do this, more peoples will come from referral status.

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