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Here we discuss the most important aspect of SEO, the title tag. Title tags are very important in terms of implementing meta tags for search engine optimization and need to be treated as such.

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Title Tags

Hello everyone this is Michael Kuznar with goodbusinessmarketingtips.com and today we are going to be talking about title tags. Probably the most important tags you can utilize when doing search engine optimization. First let me explain exactly what title tags are and why they’re so important and then we will go into how to implement them on your website and get the best results from them.

You see title tags all the time when you do a Google search: bright blue right here this is coming from the title tag of the page that’s showing. We’ll be using a client of mine Vengeance stills as an example. The the key phrase that we googled was 10 gallon moonshine still, you could see here it’s about 260 searches per month pretty decent show up for if you have the product they’re selling. You’ll notice here in the title tag “10-gallon copper still” shows up. Also, in the in the next one down we have “10 gallon moonshine still” in the title tag, next one down “10 gallon copper moonshine still”, down one more Amazon “10-gallon moonshine still”. I have them ranking above Amazon, how about that, that’s pretty good. This is why they are important.

Basically, you’ll see that none of the results that are coming up in the top search engine results are without this particular key phrase somewhere in the title tag. That’s not a coincidence. I mean it’s pretty much anything that you Google, it is going to give you those same results.

To find the title, tag if you look in the source code of any website it is generally right up top. Hear we see in Vengeance Stills this title “copper moonshine stills for sale” bracket “Vengeance Stills”. This is the title tag of the particular website that we will be talking about. Title tags are extremely important and need to be taken care of on every page in your website, so I don’t care if you have a hundred pages in your website you need to make sure all of their title tags are properly formatted. WordPress websites tend of have a different way of editing title tags or meta tags.

Generally in WordPress websites you can do it through yoast SEO or some type of plug-in that’s found on every page and if you’re doing an HTML website it’s real simple. You just go into the code area right here, you don’t even need to know how to code, you just need to know how to access it and this is where you’ll be typing in your title tags. So far in this particular example it’s a little different than what you’ll be seeing but it pretty cut-and-dry. You can change title tags if you have any type of knowledge at all when it comes to web design.

I talked about keyword research and another YouTube video which I do recommend you watch to know which key phrases to put in your a title tags, but here you could see where I have a lot of the title tags being already already done. Right here where it says existing yoast SEO title. I’ll show you some recent pages that I made and what I did to their title tags

“home alcohol distilling equipment” – that’s a really common key phrases and you’ll notice I put that in the title tag along with a 20 gallon copper thumper.

Now these title tags are short, remember Google doesn’t really say exactly how long they want your title tags to be but remember they’re going to be showing up here, so no more than 72 characters. It’s never good to go over a title to show up on Google search when entering in title tags.

It’s good to separate the key phrases with either a dash or one of these brackets. I promise Google does accept brackets but we just don’t seem to have any coming up right now. EBay has one, so copper still, bracket, eBay. Those are acceptable as well but typically what you want to use is the little dash to separate the key phrases. Title tags are not to complicated as you can see but they’re extremely important. It’s very very smart to make sure all of your title tags are properly formatted. It’s just clear through every Google search that you make that Google is looking at title tags. I know they don’t release their algorithms in terms of what’s going to help you with search engine optimization, but it’s pretty clear when you look at any Google search result. We’ll just do Phildelphia plumbers, you know we see right here plumbing Philadelphia plumber Philadelphia plumber Philadelphia plumbing Philadelphia so be sure to make sure that all of your title tags are done and formatted properly. If you want to see how your title tags are looking you can just go into a Google Search and type in site: and then you and you’ll see here it’ll to display them exactly how they are showing up in a Google search.


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