Three Smart SEO Tools

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To increase the traffic of your blog, the blog should be search engine optimized properly. Doing SEO has become an easy task with the help of a large number of SEO tools. Some of the tolls that can be helpful for you are discussed here:

1. Web CEO SEO Suite:


This tool is a highly competitive tool. A number of individual products have been used to build this SEO tool. Just like any other SEO tool, Web CEO SEO Suite can also analyze the use of keywords in your blog, and its ranking on Search Engines, but it doesn’t stop here as it has a lot more to offer. This product includes tools that can help you in finding out link partners and you can also manage your pay per click campaigns.

One of its prominent features is its “Project Manager”. With the help of this tool, you can create separate projects for separate websites. Most of the SEO tools allow you to manage one site at a time, but this amazing tool allows you to track all the work you have done for different websites.

2. Traffic Travis:


This is another amazing SEO tool. The good part of this tool is that it is totally free of cost. After installing Traffic Travis, you have to register yourself and validate the email address. After completing these easy steps, you can enter the details about your website.

This tool helps you in setting up your web page in a way that is expected by the Search Engines. It does so by giving you warnings for your existing web page.

Traffic Travis helps you in analyzing your keywords. It also allows you to examine the keyword ranking of your competitors.

3. SEO Administrator:


SEO Administrator has all the basic features that a good SEO tool should have. It can not only monitor and analyze your website’s ranking and its link popularity, it also helps you in doing right SEO by giving keyword suggestions, and doing HTML and site analysis.

Although this tool is useful and effective, the HTML Analysis part of the tool is not that much effectual.

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