There Is No Money Selling Candles!

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If you want to make money online and operate a real ecommerce business then understand that it requires a substantial time investment. First, the business owner must learn the ropes and tricks of the trade and then, to build the business. There is no easy way.

There is no pre-packaged website that will generate wealth while you sleep. There are not hundreds of people waiting to click on advertisements that line your blog. And, there is not a few thousand people surfing the web looking for a place to buy candles.

The eBay stores and the prefab drop ship companies may look tempting, but these sites and business opportunities ‘are’ the product for sale. Their success depends on whether the owner can convince others to buy their business opportunity. Their success does not depend on whether their clients succeed.

There are unlimited companies designed to help people start their business . This site is one example of a company that is designed to ‘sell’ people on the idea of running their own business. However, the site is not concerned whether their clients succeed or fail.

There are no training articles, no features to help the clients succeed, and no resources for the business owner to use to help them run their business.

All someone will find on a site like this is pretty graphics, lots of sale’s hype, and Google ads, so the company can make money even if they lose a potential client.

However, there are places on the web designed to help people build a company. That is the secret. A business owner cannot buy a business, they must build it. Even if the business is Internet based, it must still be built, brick by brick, day by day, in the same way a storefront business is built.

Scam or Not?

The question is, can a person make money at one of these sites? The answer is simple. If the business owner is in control of their traffic, if they are not involved in a drop ship program, and they are not trying to sell e-books, then the odds are good.

There are many ‘scams’ on the web that people have made a success, everything from investing in stocks to real estate investing, work at home and internet money making opportunities. Ask one person if blogging for money is a scam and they will say yes, despite the fact that there are thousands of people making a full time living as blog managers.

So, how do you decide what is a scam and what is not?

Scam: Sells a prefab business or charges you to join their opportunity.

Not a Scam: Sells information that puts control in the business owner’s hands

Scam: Promises that you can make great money working only a few hours

Not a scam: No promises, just resources that help business owners do what needs to be done.

Scam: Take surveys, data entry, answering phones – easy work for big pay.

Not a scam: Offers articles, forums, and tools that empower the business owner

It can take a while to separate the negative comments and the slander from those who quit, and the web is full of it, from the real information. There is so much conflicting information out there. Websites that make money encouraging people to sign up for their services and products, and websites that make money by discouraging people from signing up for business opportunities.

The important thing to remember is to stay away any site that is negative, or one that promises a get rich quick scheme. A good business site doesn’t need to do either. It just offers the basic fundamentals, trains people to use them, and then sets them free with the resources needed to create their own success story.

Source by Mark Walters

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