The southern populations were from central Italy (Castelnuovo

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Top of pageMaterials and methodsStudy systemWe selected four natural populations from close to the northern and southern (two each) margins of the native range as seed sources for this experiment. The southern populations were from central Italy (Castelnuovo di Porto 12.5 and Bolsena 12.0 and the northern populations were from northern Sweden (R 18.2 and Skuleberget 18.4 All four populations occupy relatively intact habitats typical of the natural environments preferred by Arabidopsis, and all have a winter annual life history; seeds germinate in fall, plants overwinter as rosettes and flower in spring. Previous work with populations C (Italy) and R (Sweden) over multiple years has shown strong local adaptation between this population pair ( and Schemske, 2012; et al., 2013).

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