Ten Blogging Tips for Starters

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It is a well known saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day. The same can be said for blogs. But the more the effort, the greater the fruit. A blog must not be confused with something you use to get famous or write articles or contents but it is an opportunity to make a name for you company and also for yourself.

To err is human and when you start on your first mistake, you are bound to make mistakes no matter what. Here are some of the things you should be familiar to when you start your own blog.

1) Your titles should Descriptive


Titles or the headlines are the most important part for your blog. Search engines look for the titles instead going through the content. Therefore, your title should be clear.

As your title is the mirror to your content, you must write in a clear manner rather than teasers. For instance, instead of writing “Can your blog be successful?” you should write “How to secure your blog”

2) URLs should be Dynamic


Most of the bloggers assign a number to their articles and those numbers are displayed in their URLs. Instead the URL must contain the title. For example instead of www.infoclub.com/?p=001234 you should writewww.infoclub.com/blog/ID-tips-for-blogging-success.

It provides a professional look and also results in your link to be displayed earlier in Google search results hence increasing the clickthrough rates.

3) Guest Posts Get Things Moving

Guest posts help you being recognized in the blogging world. You make your contacts, acquire inbound links to your website and also make a positive impact on others.

So you might want to think about submitting some guest posts to other bloggers or sites too. The benefits of this can be shared by both you and the owner of the site you posted on.

4) Move a Step Ahead of Posting, Socialize Your Blog

B4When you create your blog, you won’t experience a lot of readers on your blogs. This is because your blog in new and people are not familiar with it.

To familiarize your blog, use different social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, different blogs or comment in different forums. You can then target your audience.

5) Subscription Should Be Easy


After creating your blog, you must know that you have stepped into a vast blogger’s universe. You should offer simplicity and ease to the audience and make subscription to your posts easier than others.

An effective way of doing this is by offering an RSS feed or placing ‘Follow us on Twitter/Facebook’ option where people can see them clearly and may subscribe.

One thing that people do is that they use limitation for readers. It’s like a racism between subscribers and readers. Doing this will result in negative remarks for your blog.

6) Linking Out is Often for The Best


Different SEOs have different opinions. Some prefer linking out some condemn it. However what I think is that you should link to those contents that catch the reader’s eye instantly.

This is a good way to let other bloggers know that you mean business so they will link to you when they need any assistance. Also this will boost the bond between the reader and the blogger. Search engines also prefer inbound links to others.

There are also people who condemn this. They think that linking out will make the search engine robots to detect other websites instead of their own. In my personal opinion blogs should not the owner’s tool only but everything should be linked together which will increase its value.

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