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Am vergangenen Wochenende durfte ich beim European Youth Event darüber sprechen, wie man unsere Generation wieder mehr für Politik begeistern kann. Gar nicht so einfach.

Ich hoffe, ihr versteht den Text, ich habe ihn euch auch nochmal hier in die Infobox gepackt und es gibt Untertitel.

Was muss passieren, damit ihr aus eurer Blase heraustretet und mehr Platz für Politik in eurem Alltag schafft?

Wusstet ihr, dass nächstes Jahr die Europawahlen sind?


Passend zum Thema Politik könnte dich vielleicht auch meine neuste Podcastfolge interessieren. Dort durfte ich die Staatsministerin für Digitalisierung Dorothee Bär interviewen.

Meinen Podcast findest du unter:



» » » D e r T e x t « « «

I grew up in a sheltered environment. I did not have to worry about wars, hunger or environmental issues. All of these problems seemed so far away and did not have an impact on my daily life.
But now I realise I just did not make them matter and that was wrong.

I was raised in the era of Angela Merkel, who is a powerful woman and a cooperative leader. She tries to manage crisis’s, debates to solve world wide issues, but one thing has been lost:

Creating & living a vision and standing up for your ideals.

Even though Germany is a democracy, the connection between politicians and citizens seems lost. Our political system has stopped evolving, in a world which requires agility more than ever.

Politicians have lost their values to become everybody’s darling, but they need to become role models again, so that people like I am start believing they are really going to change something again.

But are politicians the only ones to blame?
I’m going to be honest with you, I spend a lot time trying to find myself and a purpose in life and being selfish. I waist way too much on social media. I start comparing myself to others and become jealous. And I often prefer to look at a pretty world, where everything seems picture-perfect beautiful and once negative news appear, I just tend to tap or swipe them away.

Today you can really live in your own bubble far away the challenges of today’s society. And how come I can tell you way more things about the royal wedding and not about the EU ban of single-use plastic?! Or if I wasn’t invited to the European Youth Event I would not have heard about it…Because it’s not in my instagram feed.

But on the other hand I love to learn new things, I am really open minded and besides creating content on social media, I do charity work for StartUp Teens to empower teenagers to found their own company or I host events myself to empower women.
Why? Because I want to change something! I want to use my reach for the good and I’d love to make the world a little bit better.

Even though we cannot change the world on our own, together we can. But in order for this to work, everyone needs to participate and also reduce own desires for a better world.

Just because it takes ages for politicians to make a change, shouldn’t stop you from making a change today. Choosing to take the bus, instead of driving your car or being active in your local community are only little things everyone of us can do to do good and to create a better world.

Let’s all move and do something, instead of judging and blaming our worries on others – because in the end:

Aren’t politicians only as good as the society they live in ?


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