How to Show your Photo in Comments and Author Bio Avatar

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Show your own image in comments, with gravatar a professional profile with gravatar.

Mostly Blogger Comments on other sites every day, but as you saw without Image a comment look very cheap, mostly fake commenter or spammers do this, a Good blogger has a good reputation and a good personalty. so he/she always would like to publish Qualified Comment.

If you are a guest author you must want to be a qualified author. and would like to show your own photo in author bio. so it is necessary to setup Gravatar.

there is lots of benefit for a qualified Comments. Peoples can build solid backlinks with this technique, as one of good author of this Blog Hamid Roshaan had written a Guest post on, How to Make Solid Backlinks. he also explained there about qualified content.

Well, Bloggers and WordPress both are famous platform. and there is option for comments on articles there is also some alternate commets systems, such as i had posted about top Alternate Comments System for Bloggers. But all are support Gravatar Photo.

What is Gravatar and how it’s work?

Gravatar is free online tool, which provide a Profile system for blogging network, wordpress support gravatar’s avatar for author bio pic, and comments pic. Avatar is called photo, which are uses in comments and author bio profiles.

you have to signup for gravatar with a email, where you will use same email for comments and author bio, your specific unique photo / avatar will began show.

How to Setup Gravatar Profile?

You can add Multiple Emails and also Multiple Avatars for separate Emails, it is up to you for which email you would like to set pics.

My Gravatar Profile is Here

Step 1 >> Go to Gravatar and Enter Your email address and press on get your Avatar. it is totally free to signup and fill required fields for your profile, password and name etc.

Step 2 >> Once you completed Process Verified your email address, they will mail you with a verification link, it is common verification no special action required.

Setup Profile

You can make a Professional Look Profile With Gravatar. Add Multiple Images and Emails Addresses on your main profile or Dashboard page.

Show Image in Comments and Author Bio - Add Email and Images

Setup Public Profile

Go to Menu and edit profile and set what you want to show in public and private, add your personal or Web author bio setup your Display and Real Name.

show image in comments-setup public profile what you want to show there.

Add Your Website Links

You can add multiple links, it is allow you to make public Backlinks for your website or blog for free.

Show Image in Comments and Author Bio - Adding Websites Links

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