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Off-page SEO explains techniques which may be exercised to enhance the position of a website in the search engine.

People things off-page SEO is only link building, but it’s not just that.

SEO is the word used to define a set of methods that aim in optimizing a site for search engines.

SEO is significant not just for getting high-quality traffic from search engines, but it is also a means to enhance the user-friendliness of your website and increase its authenticity.

Search engines are using complex algorithms to decide which pages to include in their indexing and the sequence they reveal these pages in the search results.

Search engine optimization is the way to talk’ to search engines in a language they could understand and provide them with more info about your website.

SEO has two significant components, On Page and Off Page SEO.

Unlike On- page SEO, Off-page SEO refers to actions you can perform beyond the bounds of your site.

We’ll examine these in more details below, but first, allow me to explain the importance and advantages of off-page SEO.

Google has been trying for decades to identify a way to return the best results to the searcher.

To accomplish this, they take into consideration the on-site search engine optimization variables (described above), a few other quality variables and off-page SEO.

A website that’s high quality and use is much more likely to have references (links) from other sites; it’s more likely to possess mentions on social media (Facebook enjoys, tweets, Pins, +1’s, etc.) and it’s more likely to be bookmarked and shared among communities of like-minded users.


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