SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization – Audiobook

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Written by: Matthew Capala
Length: 3 hrs and 44 mins
Language: English
Make no mistake; this is no “SEO for dummies”. Rather, SEO Like I’m 5 is the ultimate beginner’s training system for forward-thinking businesses and entrepreneurs that will get you found on Google, social media, and blogs.
You will also learn how to attract followers and leads like a magnet by building a vibrant community around your content, which both users and search engines will love, and leveraging untapped, high-growth platforms and social networks.
In addition to taking you through the strategic process of building and optimizing your online presence, SEO Like I’m 5 features hundreds of free tools, “under-the-hood” case studies, examples, and actionable tips.
Why read this book?
There is an overload of information on the topic of SEO on the Web, most of it misguided or outdated, coming from self-proclaimed gurus.
Contrary to common knowledge, the “art of SEO” is not defined by your ability to write code or Google’s algorithm.
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