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Blogging has emerged as a popular way of expressing personal opinions as well as providing information on any subject. The growth in blogs means that there is the need for secured blogging platforms. The following are the list of five secured platforms.

1.) WordPress


WordPress is a technology which is simple and easy to manage. It is the fastest growing blogging platform in the world. It has the highest number of users because of its advanced security measures. This helps to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness. It also creates a collaborative environment for success. It has numerous plugins and elegant looks.

2.) Blogger


Blogger is a platform that has some great features inside it. It is used by beginners who have little finances. This blogging platform is recommended for newbies because it is cost effective. People can get knowledge about these blogs by using an efficient and effective framework. It is offered by Google which means that there are no guarantees of ownership. Google can take it away according to their needs. This platform offers geo-tagging as well as template widget. This platform is ideal for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This makes it an efficient blogging platform for the needs of individuals.

3.) Tumblr


Tumblr is a very powerful platform that has optimum levels of security. This is great for individuals who want to post short content that needs to be provided frequently. The content is not more than Twitter feeds but it is smaller than standard blog posts. There are features like audio blogging and free custom domains. There are themes which help to achieve long term success. Pictures can be posted in an easy manner which makes it one of the cheapest that is found in the industry.

4.) Weebly


Weebly is the best platform if individuals want to create a blog and then create a website. It is an efficient platform that offers significant security features and applications. Image galleries and slideshows can be shown for the benefit of the readers. It can help to ensure that traffic comes to the blog in an efficient and effective manner. It has a free web hosting opportunity while sub domains can also be created. Some prices need to be generated for the website while themes can be enhanced in an efficient and effective manner. The existing features can be integrated into the website while installation is done in a rapid manner.

5.) LiveJournal


LiveJournal is an efficient platform that can be used for achieving critical success. It provides a user friendly platform that can be used to attain long term success. It performs like a social network blogging platform which can help to develop new networks. It has been connected with Russia because of its association with It is a secure platform that offers diversified and innovative features.

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