Search Engine Optimization Tips for SMALL YouTubers! TubeBuddy for SMALL YouTubers! (SEO TubeBuddy)

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I’m assuming you’re YouTubers because you’re interested in search engine optimization (SEO) and getting your small channel off the ground; using smart strategies to do with search engine optimization, which is basically doing the data of your videos so that they will show up in search results. Because at the moment you don’t have many subscribers; there not people that are coming to your channel on a regular basis. So you need to find ways of people finding your videos.

This is a tutorial on TubeBuddy. Go to Google; Google up TubeBuddy, guys. It’s a free, app, and this page will come up, and you download it and it becomes an extension for Google Chrome. It’s free to use initially, so you can start playing with it and you can figure it all out. It’s really, really, handy; I highly recommend it.

So, let’s look at a video I made on “feeling anxious, anxiety and fear”. Now if you take a little squizz down here at what I’ve done in an attempt to give my video some recognition: I’ve got some keywords here.

One thing that TubeBuddy does is Tag Tools. So it gives you a ranking for the keywords that you’ve put in on your video, and I quote, “Where this video ranks in YouTube search for that tag”. Now you can see that some of these tags have little green numbers next to them, so these are the tags that I’ve been successful with. However, these ones that don’t have numbers are basically doing close to nothing for me (as far as I understand).

So, the reason is, say for instance with this keyword, “Anxiety and Fear”, it’s way too general, I’m a small YouTuber; so that search is so common, “Anxiety and Fear”, that the big YouTubers are swamping out that search result. Their videos have hundreds of thousands of views, and so there’s no chance of me actually being successful on that specific tag.

For instance, if I explore this tag and I see, “What does TubeBuddy tell me about this tag?”. It says, it’s pretty good but it’s not good enough. Let’s see, this is the top ranking video by Project Life Mastery. So, it’s saying that the search volume is very high, so it’s a popular search, but the competition is also way too high for me as a small YouTuber. And you can see that this video has almost two hundred thousand views, so that’s why it’s not good for me as a small YouTuber.

So, I need to be looking for something a bit more specific. I need to be making my words, more specific, “anxiety inside my chest”, now it’s not just “anxiety”, ’cause I’m gonna get swamped out. You’re a small YouTuber, you need to be looking for a niche (or a niche).

Now it’s much better; Good 79/100, almost 80. Search volume’s much lower but the competition is also much lower. So there we go, I’m starting have success in this keyword. It even says that I own one of the twenty search results that are available. That is what we are looking for, guys. And I will come 5th out of the top 20 rankings if someone says that.

And ya, not everyone is gonna be typing, “anxiety inside my chest”, but you’ve got to be looking for those unusual keywords in order to start ranking for your videos as a small YouTuber.

Now let me just give you another heads-up guys. You see that my description almost has the maximum number of characters, 5000. Yes, it seems extreme, but the trick that I’ve learnt to doing this, is that you go and you do your subtitles, you transcript your video and you then use that transcription as your description.

Now, “Why do I do this? Why am I crazy enough to do this?” First of all YouTube does acknowledge that fact that if you have subtitles, they will acknowledge that and you might rank higher in video rankings.

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