Search Engine Optimization : Beginers To Expert

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what is search engine ??

online : We need use internet to access a search engine

Sorting : A user put a particular phrase realted to a query, search engine try to give us some result from its indexed database focusing on the query.

Program : It is made up of algorythms, based on query

What Is Optimization ??

Optimization is a process and a technique through which we improve and upgrade our webpages to attain several ranking.

What Is Search Engine Optimization ??

Search Engine Optimization is a set technique through which we improve and upgrade our webpages to attain search engine ranking.

What Techniques It has:-

1 White Hat (Ethical Techniques)
2 Black Hat (unethical Techniques)
3 Gray Hat (Mixed of 1 & 2 Techniques)

Type Of SEO Techniques

1 Onpage SEO
2 Offpage SEO

Onpage SEO
Onpage SEO is a Technique in which we optimize our webiste content & webpage codes to manapulate robots for better ranking….

Offpage SEO
Offpage SEO is a set technique in which, an optimizer have to create backlink to increase traffic and authority for webpages better serp ranking…..

Query : That Denotes A Proper Ques
HOw Fast A Cheetah Can RUn

Keywords : That Denotes A Purpose For A Query
Cheetah Running Speed

Ques To Solve
Q1 – How many times does a webpage contains the searched keyword?
Q2 – Do The Search Keyword Apper In The Title Of The Webpage?
Q3 – Do The Search Keyword Apper In The URL Of The Webpage?
Q4 – Do The Search Keyword Apper In The meta description Of The Webpage?
Q5 – Does The Webpage Include Syn For Those Search keywords?
Q6 – Is This Page Belongs to quality website or spaming?
Q7 – What is page’s page rank?
Q8 – How many Out side links Point to towards our webpage?
Q9 – What algo that has to follow to get rank?
Q10 – How To dicide the keywords for content
Q11 – what is google spider

Four Fuctionality Of A Search Engine

1. Crawling
2. Indexing
3. Main Program
4. Database

1. Crawling
Crawling Is Process in which google bot, spider & crawler visits your webpage to create scaned data copy of text, codes & URL, for futher process (indexing).

2. Indexing
Indexing is a process in which the data is get stored in a temp database after it get crawled…

3. Main Program
Main Program Is The BRAIN Of A Search Engine –

It Contains 3 Things
1 – Algo
2 – Sand box
3 – Spam Box


1. EMD – Exact match Domain
2. Panda – Quality & Quantity Of Content
3. Penguin – Quality & Quantity Of Backlinks
4. AMP – Accelarate MObile Pages – For MObile Based layouts for Website
5. Humming Bird – This analyse the syn words of searched keywords in the webpage and give the webpage ranking
6. Google Pigeon – it give more accurate ranking for the local search results, which is more focused on local areas
7. Fred – its analysis a profile which created way before in webportal but its not updated or get any future post/ trending posts. If they are updating the posts in the profile, then google will share authority with the user or vis – versa


Database is a place or virtual storage where all the website is get stored after the process of filtration for the usage of SERP…..


Key + Words = Solution + Phrase = Results + Group Of Words

Shoes = Keyword

Keywords = Buy Online Shoes

Definition Of Keywords

2 or more two words in it, and it also tell us about the purpose of a search related to a query, and it should not contain any specific interrogative words or words that is based on helping verbs or stop words…….

Keyword Research

Keyword Research Is a Process Through Which We Get Good And Appropriate Keywords For Raking Our WebPages

Suggested Search By GOOGLE
Competitor Analysis

Keyword Situation :-

+S -C S =Searches
-S -C C =Competition
+S +C + =High
-S +C – =Low

To Find These IDEAL Keywords open

Keywords Everywhere For Chrome


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