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In the world of Search Engine Marketing, there is a simple saying: “If you want to bury a body, put it on the 3rd page of Google”.
Why? Because nobody goes there!

When a potential customer is searching to find the right company, service or product, where will your page ranking be? If you allow us, our goal is to make sure your company website is ranked in a prominent position on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Our approach is a data-based, permitting us to capitalize on key words and phrases associated with your business, ultimately ushering you to the top.

We also use a variety of advanced software tools to analyze your competitors, which helps us to develop both a meta-level strategy for marketing, and a continued tactical application.

Perhaps one of the other most important factors we consider is your target audience and how to point our efforts in their direction—maybe even reaching audiences you couldn’t envision when you began.
When it comes to digital marketing, a cookie cutter approach very rarely works.

The search engine optimization we execute is tirelessly committed to customize and enhance your business’s online presence. Our staff ensures that we perform all the necessary steps on a consistent basis, leaving your work to counting as the sales go higher and higher.

With our knowledge of SEO and your vision for your company, we will ensure that your brand is not only searchable but preferable in the online arena.

Our Process
• Research and Analysis
• Website Review
• On-Site Optimization
• Offsite Optimization
• Online Tracking and Reporting
• Pricing Options

Online Marketing Steps
• Research and Analysis: First we will need to rhetorically analyze your competitors to determine how they are currently beating you in the rankings. After this vital step, we analyze your website and determine its strengths and areas for improvement. Blending these steps with your input and our expertise, we develop a strategic and tactical operating plan to beat the competition.
• Website Review: Next we offer a comprehensive website review to ensure the aesthetic and verbal dimensions of your site complement our search engine optimization efforts. We want to mirror your high placement on google with an attractive site, sealing in our efforts to increase web traffic and sales.
• On-Site Optimization: Our professionals have some unique SEO expertise that will be applied to your website. Our on-website optimization, off-website optimization, link-building techniques, and industry-related links submissions in both paid and organic will optimize your website for search engine rankings.
• Offsite Optimization: Quality link building is the number-one SEO approach to offsite optimization because it increases your page ranking and authority. We use a measured approach to ensure the correct balance of inbound linkage to the amount of website content.
• Online Tracking and Reporting: We provide SERP rankings reports and SEO activity reports to you in order for you to be an active agent in the process of your site’s development. We believe that by evaluating the results and sharing ideas and thoughts together with our clients, we will not only hit our goals sooner, but also develop our relationship with you, which is tremendously important to us.
• Affordable Rates: We are able to bring you the most affordable online marketing services and deliver unparalleled value to our customers.
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