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Normally when you are browsing frequently and need to save some links for later use, it is difficult to save and remember all the links when you need them. In this case you need not to worry for the use of these links, files and images when you have the tools, these tools save and organize al the content respectively and help you use it when needed.



Evernote is a tool that helps you seize the Web pages you browse, images you want to use later, text and voice notes. This is an amazing tool to save your time and fatigue, because in the search option if you search any word then everything relating to it will appear; either it is the text in the images. Alike read it later there are various options and features that help you save items. You can also use it on mobiles.



Springpad is very much identical to Evernote, however it is enhanced with some distinguished features. These features are one step ahead of saving your notes and pictures, you have the option to save tasks and also you can set alerts and reminders of that task. You can also search and save different products and recipes. Another distinct feature is that you don’t need to organize things you browse and save; there is an automated system in Springpad that organizes things on its own. Again you have the option  to access things via mobile..



Trial-Mix is the tool that is added in the Firefox sidebar, like others it also has the option to save notes, images and web pages. There is an easy step to follow, you just need to drag the items on the side bar link of Trial-mix and use them when needed.

For those users who intend to use it on chrome, they need to check Read Later from Diigo. It does not appear on the sidebar, rather it has its own tab where it saves the data and other stuff, you just need to right click and follow other options. The Read later mentioned above does not relate itself to Read-it-later.



Diigo is the tools that helps you highlight the web content , other options includes adding sticky notes, adding bookmarks, taking screen shots, saving images and many other options. After saving this initial content you need to access you Diigo account to use the saved content. The best option is that whenever you return to the page which you have used previously, the items highlighted remain the same, the changes and marks made by others can also be viewed. Its main utility is to use the marked content for later use.

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