Role of Animation in web promotion

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If you want to direct contact with your customer then you should have your own company website. Today is the time of e-marketing in which selling or buying the products is completely through the online. It saves your extra time and money and gives the company a golden chance to approach to their customers directly and facilitates the customers to send their queries directly to the seller or company. All of these can be possible only through the online and basic need is company must have their website.

Role of Animation in attracting the Customers: – moving object looks just like alive which mostly liked by the customers and forced the customers to come and visit again on your site. Animation gives your site a professional look and design looks professional web design. Animation is very interesting and attractive way to introduce company products and services in front of the customers.

Use Flash to make simple animations:-

By the flash software a simple and effective animation can be created. Flash tools: – arrow and sub selection tool, free transform tool, align panel, basic layer controls, add motion guide and key framing. With the help of these tools you can create picture slides, flying bird, moving wheel, moving globe, e-cards and many others. With the help of masking you can display images converting from different shapes. Make movie clips, designed and attractive as your wish buttons for your site. Flash helps you to make your own music player. You can add videos of related products on your site. Resultant animation will give a different and nice look to your site and help the customers to better understand about the products and services.

Flash Movies provides two best benefits ­:-

  1. Fast loading to display on your screen:-  e-mail attached files which you can see only when they fully downloaded. But the flash movie starts playing during the transmission of the contents.
  1. Vector Graphic animation: – raster graphics (jpg, gif, png, bmp graphics) uses the millions of colour dots to make any shape but the vector graphic use the math formula to make any shape. So raster graphic file is usually heavier than the Vector graphic files.  That’s why it takes more loading time on internet while vector graphic takes less loading time. So flash designers use vector graphics to design any shape of object which takes less loading time to display on screen. That’s why web development company prefers the vector graphics than the raster graphics in days.

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