How to Request Google to Delete your Website from Search Engine

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Some times Peoples want to restart their blogs from scratch, there is many reasons, webmaster want to delete data and website from Google search engine, like if someone sold a website and new owner want to restart it with new permalink structure. But by mistaken if he/she did not deleted old one, and started new then his webmaster tool will fill with Crawls errors. some crawls errors are easy to fix, but if errors too much then difficult to solve it.

Well come to Point here i am going to share with you Google …………. Tool with that you can delete your website data from Google, but make sure you have added Site to Webmaster Tool, If not then Again Add site to Google Webmaster, then open this tool.

Google Opt out Tool.

This Tool is Invented by Google Company. After lots of tools invention Google introduced this one feature in webmaster tool, so webmaster whenever want to remove their sites from search engines easily.

Request google to remove your website from search Engine

You Can see Past History about your website, what you have done before and when you added it.

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