Reading the Minds of Your Blog (or Newsletter) Readers

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You would be a perfect blogger if you knew exactly that kind of material your audience enjoys reading.

Well, you may not be good in reading minds, but you can most certainly be good in figuring out what sorts of topics or writing interests your viewers, by carrying out a survey.

The results have been astonishing for me, every time I run a survey.

For example, some years ago, while running a survey, I asked all my newsletter readers a couple of questions, including how often they expect a new newsletter from me in a month. At that time, I was only emailing once or twice every month.

The result was totally unexpected. Majority of them voted for weekly emails, which in my understanding, was too much.

And I am sure that I am not the only blogger who misunderstood his readers at times, by providing them with what I thought they need, rather than figuring out what they truly desire. Michael Hyatt normally posted five times a week, but after surveying his readership in the previous year, he wrote:

About 81 percent of my readers voted for three posts a week or less, which I was not expecting .  It made me realize that I have been working too hard to provide my readers with content more than they need.

Main questions to mention in questionnaire


You can make a questionnaire of roughly ten questions freely on SurveyMonkey (and gather up almost 100 responses). Some of the following questions can be helpful as well:

1. What stage are you at? (Multiple choice.)

You must be sure what kind of audience are you dealing with. Are they beginners, experts or do they lie somewhere in between? A survey conducted of the DailyBlogTimes, showed that almost a quarter of its audience were at beginners’ level.

2. Which topics interest you? (Multiple choice; allow readers to check several options.)

You need to be sure that the topics you choose, are of your readers’ interest. What if you have been posting tech tips on all blog the whole time, while your reader were expecting some strategic tips? I specifically asked all the readers during a survey of my writing blog, Aliventures, what sort of topic interests them among the following – poetry, novels,stories, blogging, freelancing …

3. Do you have any questions / problems you’d like me to address? (Open-ended.)

You must always add at least one open ended question to the questionnaire, so they can share their views and opinions with you. These views matter a lot because in this way, you can learn more about your readers, and shape your blog, to or beyond their expectations. Moreover, you can get better ideas which you can apply to your posts.

4. How much would you pay for … (Multiple choice)

If you have a new product, Ecorse or selling that you wish to sell to your readers, you must first confirm how much they will be willing to pay for it. Sometimes, the amount readers can easily spend on what you have to offer, does not match your expectations. They might offer less – or offer more (Both situations have happened with me!). You must also add an option of “nothing” in such questions.

5. What’s your email address? (Optional.)

It is not necessary to add these people to your mailing lists, but you may contact them to ask something or answer to a question asked by them – or to inform them of something, like one of your posts. You must always provide your readers with the option to remain unknown, their personnel information is not of your concern.

So, it’s up to you now! If you have already conducted a survey, what new did you get to find? And if not, then what are you waiting for? Start immediately

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