Pyramidal website structure. Best website structure for SEO Search Engine Optimisation

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In this video I explain the different menu structures and how to organise your folders and pages to be user and search engine friendly.
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The pyramidal structure is best for middle and large websites.
It is user and search engine friendly and sometimes called SEO
FairTech online marketing channel, has a video about website structures in general.

I will explain the pyramidal structure, why it is so important, how to do it, and show a pyramidal structure on famous websites

Pyramidal is the form of a pyramid. Category pages are placed on top of each other like a pyramid.
It’s important to use as it corresponds to the human logic to file things.

Pages and categories are grouped near each other so visitors easily find pages that are directly and indirectly related, plus search engines like Google favour user friendly structured websites, and rank you better .
Many other features have an influence. So you will find websites online with bad structure that rank better than others. This is because it is not just one thing that will make the difference in your ranking but a mix of about 50+ rules.

Caring only about your website structure is not enough.
It is a pillar of the foundation of your success on the internet

In another video I show show you what to combine to make your positions unbeatable. Combining all the techniques gives you the 2 year advantage on your competitors that we provide to all FairTech customers.

How is a pyramidal structure done? It’s a flat structure connecting all pages directly to the home page. All pages are grouped into categories. There are main pages and the pages inside the categories. The entire website will also have a pyramidal structure and we can add as many sub category pages as pages with pyramids or additional main categories in parallel making it very friendly for large websites.

I will show you on the computer how we build pyramids. Let’s take Google which is the key in creating simple navigation in very large websites. On the homepage, top of the pyramid, Google has all their pages in categories. All pages related to the same theme are grouped in categories. On the drive, one of the categories, we see category 1, category 2. There’s one category, the drive, all the options we see here are categories. If I enter the drive, we are in the area dedicated for the drive with buttons all dedicated to drive. The url is a folder called drive and we can choose where to go .
We are now on the category page and we can reach sub categories or sub pages related to this category. I can reach for example How to use the Drive, then I see that I reached the page that explains how to use the drive, advantages etc… and in the url I see I’m in the drive and using the drive area. I can go from page to page related to the drive. They’re all connected as there’s a direct button to reach them. From How To Use The Drive I can go to Pricing, meaning I can go from each page in this category to the other. I see in the url that I’m still in this category but now I’m in the pricing area. And I can go to download area in the drive category.

Download area can also have several related pages. It’s very flexible for small, medium and big websites as this structure can grow as needed. To be a fully functional pyramidal structure you must have a pyramidal structure in the navigation that groups content and in your url so users and search engines see in which category you’re or sub-category. An example is the Samsung website. If I go on appliances and choose refrigerators I go to a category with all refrigerators. In the category refrigerators we see sub categories under the big category refrigerators.
In refrigerators category which is home appliances, a sub category is refrigerators. We see they have different sorts of refrigerators and if I choose the French door refrigerators I see all refrigerators with French doors in the same category. At the top I see we are in home appliances, refrigerators, French doors then the page we are on.
Not only users but also search engines like Google favour well organised websites like that and place you on top. To have success in the internet, your product, services must be found on top of search engine results. That’s not all you need for success in SEO but one of the many points to respect. It belongs in the foundation of your project. One of the points to care about before you start a new website or re-mould an existing one.
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