Protect WordPress Blog From Hackers to Brute Force Attack in Wp-Admin & Cpanel

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May be many of you peoples facing problem from hackers who are hacking your blogs and you dont know how they hack but here i will completely explained how hackers hack your blog and how you can protect it from hackers.

Protect WordPress Blog

In addition case you must should keep backup of your blog wordPress regularly Learn How to Backup Your WordPressHow to Backup Blogger Blog 

And in this content i will explain how you can protect your blog from brute force attack. many of hackers using brute force attack in cpanel and wp-admin area because of your weakness hackers attack and brute force when you were sleeping, even i spent my 3 years into hacking and i know much of skills,

WordPress Security:

WordPress Security is very important for big bloggers wordpress is very advance CMS (content management system) and open source framework for bloggers every web master can redesign it or make look good or can make other management systems easily so many of peoples using this Platform. so Security is most important if your blog is secure then business is improved. Secure and good web site is the proof for the successful business.

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What is Brute Force Attack ?

Brute Force attack work like auto login tools there is many php and shell scripts or vb code tools. they have builtin a huge of passwords list of cpanels and and other auto passwords maker words, they use it into your cpanel and one of the word can be same and that’s it brute force is bypassed your cpanel and wp-admin panel and your blog or web site gone hacked.

How to Protect from Brute Force Attack ?

Here is two ways one is protecting cpanel nad 2nd is protecting wp-admin area.

More Security Tips : Secure Your Wp-config.php file to getting hacked

[jbox color=”yellow”]#1. Protect Cpanel:[/jbox]

Lesson 1 : Don’t Use Password Generator Passwords Use Your own unique phrase passwords use words like Ss#4)&*/*3fsfg this is strong password for your cpanel. always make passwords secure and strong.

Protect Your Cpanel From Brute Force Attack

Protect Your Cpanel From Brute Force Attack

Some Hosting Provider provide premium security like brute force scanner and stopper they auto detect and locked account for some minutes or hold it for little while.

[jbox color=”yellow”]#2. Protect Wp-Admin or Wp-login.php from brute force attack[/jbox]

This is most important part to secure your WordPress admin panel from unknown logins attempts and brute force.

Step 1 >> Protect from Brute force use captcha plugins  i recommended to use SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam and Wp-reCaptcha if some one try to brute force attack in wp-admin he have to face cpatcha process and captcha process will stop his spamming and your blog keep save.

There is many more plugins like Multiplication captcha and 2-step verification wordpress plugin & security linked to google Account and make your wordpress more secure

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