How to Prepare your Blog for Adsense Approval

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Google Adsense is a program run by Google Inc that allows publishers to serve different ads on their websites. Many websites owners now a day uses Google Adsense to monetize their websites. It has been seen that the websites which are content rich are successful in this advertisement program. Many beginners create a blog and send it for Adsense approval even if they haven’t prepared it properly.  Well, we have an answer for such bloggers “A big NO”.

Prepare Blog For Adsense Approval


Adsense is very easy source for make money with blog, adsense provide lots of great features.

Google doesn’t approve all the websites which comes for approval. It first check the website thoroughly if Google finds it interesting, creative and up to mark then he approves it otherwise it will be rejected.

But if I want to approve my website what should I do? Well, if you just follow our advices then it will be just a step away.

As we know about adsense now very strict, they are not approving more news adsense accounts anymore. Need very higher ranking to get Adsense Approval. By the way i had shred some Google Adsense Alternatives.

Adsense Tips to Prepare Blog for Adsense Approval.

1. Register a proper domain:

First of all you need to register a proper domain. Google doesn’t approve any sub-domains and neither Blogspot and WordPress domains. So, this is the first step register a proper domain. Google do not support subdomain blogging for new blogs.

2.  Select a proper niche:

Secondly, you have to select a proper niche for your blog. If you are making an image sharing website then there is a minor chance that it will get approved. But if you are making a blog with good information then there are better chances that it will get approved.

3. Quality Content:

For a good blog you need quality content. Write something interesting and up to date. Always keep in mind; viewers need quality and up-to-date content so always create quality content on your blog. Google has lots of private tools to analyze web reputation and identify low quality contents. So be aware from it and always write High Quality Contents.

4. Don’t publish any guest posts:

Today many bloggers publish guest posts on their blogs and allow guest author to get a back link for their website. Google penalized those blogs which publish many guest posts. So, it would be a wise decision to stop publishing any guest posts. Guest Blogging is now very hard, peoples can destroy your blog with guest posting. that is why i wrote some 8 Reasons why not publish guest posts.

5. Check the 404 pages of your blog:

One of the most important thing to notice is the broken links. Many bloggers does not create all the pages for their blog. When visitors click on such link they will only get a 40 error (Not Found). So, it would be good to check all the pages of your blog first. If you find any such pages fix them as fast as possible.

6.  Check the bad links:

If your blog have any bad links then it will not get an approval. Bad links are those which will take you to a bad site (porn site or gambling sites). If your blog have any such links you should remove it. Otherwise your blog will not be approved. Bad links can be harmful for your blog. Google Dofollow penalty coming, your blog can be penalized by Google, if you publishing bad quality links on your blog.

7. Traffic:

Traffic is an important aspect for your blog. If you don’t have enough traffic then it will be useless to send an approval. First make sure you have good traffic. You might be have very low volume of traffic, but you can grow your ranking very easy with Top Traffic Tips.


If you are a blog owner and want it to get approved then you have to follow all these points and make sure you have enough traffic.

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