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We were the champions

How did you prepare for the tournament? How did you pass the time between matches? What was the gameplan? Which was the trickiest game and how did you win it? Which opponent did you most fear and how did you overcome him? What did you think about during the national anthem before the final? What was the key to winning the final? How did you celebrate? What was the funniest moment of the campaign? Was it the greatest moment of your career?

Dino Zoff Italy, 1968

There were only four teams in the finals in those days so the preparations were not as intense. We had a very strong All Prada Nylon Bags squad, at least as strong as this year’s. We beat the Soviet Union on the toss of a coin, had three days to recover before the final and two Biggest Prada Store London Authentic Prada Trainers days before the Baby Prada Shoes Uk replay. Authentic Prada Shoes For Sale So there was no time for golf or anything.

There was no masterplan. We had to win. We were at home, and the favourites. We were successful.

The first final against Yugoslavia: they had just beaten England in the semi-final and were confident. It was a punishing game and we were happy to get a draw.

Dragan Dzajic, a brilliant player with a fantastic left foot and brilliant technique. He scored against England and, though I was ready for him, he scored in the final.

Just to make sure we won. The anthem gives you a moment to look around and appreciate where you are. The stadium was all lit up, I remember. Very beautiful.

Keeping control. It was difficult when they scored and there were 70,000 Italians in the stadium. We scored early in the replay, and were comfortable. We went back to the hotel to celebrate. There were so many people, as you would imagine after the Italian team won a tournament in Rome. We had a few drinks. Not funny, really, but to beat the Soviet Union on the toss of a coin to qualify for the final was different. That won’t happen again.

No, the greatest moment of my career was winning the World Cup in 1982. Nothing can come close to that.

Gunther Netzer West Germany, 1972

We just went and played. It wasn’t a big deal like today. Just four teams, not a grand event with 16. We didn’t play a series of warm-ups.

We had three days between the games: relaxing and winding down – then winding up. Time went very Apertura Outlet Prada Montevarchi fast and then we were home again.

We played home and away quarter-finals and then just two matches: semi-final and final. The plan for the finals was to win both games. Simple.

Personally the hardest match was not at the finals but the first leg of the quarter-final against England when we won 3-1 at Wembley.

None. The biggest challenge we had in any of the important matches was coping with the atmosphere at Wembley.

After 32 years? I’ve no idea.

Great teamwork with outstanding individuals like Gerd Muller whose goal-scoring was a guarantee of success.

It’s always the same: back to Frankfurt, which is like the capital of German football, for a city hall reception.

The strangest thing, looking back, was that our last international before the finals was a 4-1 win over the Soviet Union, Authentic Prada Outlet Online Usa whom we then met again in the read more here final. I don’t like comparisons but it’s hard to think of any Germany team who might have been better than in ’72. The Wembley win was my Best Prada Outlet In Florence best game for Germany.

Michel Platini France, 1984

We met at a hotel at Font-Romeu and watched Liverpool win the European Cup with a goalkeeper [Bruce Grobbelaar] who looked like one of the Marx brothers. It was like a royal round tour. We started in Paris, went to Nantes, then down to Saint-Etienne, Marseille and back up to Paris.

Two years before we had lost on penalties to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals and we’d promised to make amends. That was the gameplan. Portugal in the semi-finals. They led 2-1 in extra-time, we got back to 2-2 and we could see penalties coming. Fortunately we won in the last minute. We didn’t fear anyone. Respect, yes, particularly for the Germans. In my time you had to be beating them 6-0 even to be sure of taking them to penalties. Clearing my head.

Luis Arconada [Spain’s goalkeeper] letting my free-kick go through his hands so we took the lead in the final.

Away to the country with my family, as fast as I could.

That was after the final whistle, seeing our manager, Michel Hidalgo, flat out on the pitch in delight – in his best suit and tie.

A big title in front of our own fans meant a lot, particularly as I was playing my club football in Italy so I wasn’t always Are Authentic Prada Handbags For Cheap Prada Nylon Bags Worth The Money so popular back in France.

Peter Schmeichel Denmark, 1992

We were preparing for a friendly with CIS but there had been speculation about Yugoslavia [Denmark replaced them when they were banned].

After the Holland semi I was one of three who celebrated until 7am. We knew we were training in the afternoon. But, if you can celebrate, you can train as well.

We had a big group of 22 players who had grown up together. We had played so well in the qualifiers and we were determined to carry on playing that way.

The France game [2-1 win in group]. France came into it with a massive reputation. Fortunately they thought they were already through. We were 1-0 up in 10mins.

Jean-Pierre Papin was a fantastic goalscorer. But there’s a difference between respecting them and being afraid. Nobody should be afraid of a player.

We were on such a high that no matter whom we played that day we probably would have won. It was sheer determination: we’ve gone this far, we’ve got to win it. We were asked to go to the mayor’s office in Copenhagen and, when our plane circled on the way back, we were looking down at every single person [in the city].

The whole team was dancing and singing on the balcony at the mayor’s office. Then we saw a sign saying “Balcony unstable – maximum five people”.

As an international player, yes. The 1999 [Manchester United] Treble at club level will never be beaten, though.

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