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On Page SEO Tutorial for Beginners 2018.

On-Page SEO refers to all SEO factors and activities that you do directly on your web page to rank higher in search engines. To do killer on page SEO you must have some knowledge of basic CSS, HTML, schema markup, microformats markup and user interface design.

On-Page SEO is a most important part of search engine optimization. Here you will find all on page SEO activities to optimize your web pages for search engines. This on page SEO tutorial will absolutely help you find and apply all on page SEO techniques 2018. Here is complete step by step on page SEO guide for beginners.

If you are searching for the best on-page SEO techniques to improve the visibility of your pages and blog posts in search engines and to boost organic traffic, it’s the right place for latest SEO techniques to advertise your web pages and drive organic traffic in 2018.

On Page SEO refers to all activities that you do insight a web page like Meta tags optimization, heading tags optimization, image alt tag optimization, image compression, internal links optimization, anchor tags optimization, website error validation, rich snippet markup, micro-formats markup, user interface designs and web page speed optimization.

Now we are going to list all on page SEO techniques. For effective search engine optimization read entire best SEO techniques carefully. If you are SEO beginner, we recommend you to read SEO tutorial for beginners.

Meta tags are one of most important part of on-page SEO activities. Meta tags help search engines to provide a snippet in search engine result page.

Title Tag: Title of a web page is one of most important on-page SEO factors to place keywords. You should have placed your most important keywords in title tag. Title tag also uses for the snippet in search engine result pages. Use 40 to 65 characters long title with your primary keywords.

Meta Description: Meta description is second most important part of search engine optimization. The Meta description is a short summary of a web page and part of best SEO techniques to place most important keywords. Meta description tag also uses in the snippet in search engine result pages. Use 120 to 150 characters long Meta description with most important keywords.

Meta Keywords: Meta keyword tag is one off the most important on-page SEO factors. Some search engine uses Meta keywords tag to know topic and tags of a web page. Meta keywords help when we do off page SEO to extract Meta tag and categories of a web page in social bookmarking sites. Meta keywords tag is not a part of preview snippet in search engine result pages.

Open Graph: the Open graph is a set of the guideline, used to coordinate any page in social media sites. To turn your web page into graph object, you need to add complete open graph Meta tags to your web page.

Twitter Card: Using twitter card, you can link rich data, images, and videos action to Twitter tweet that rides high-quality traffic to your web pages. Twitter limits tweet length to only 140 characters in a single tweet. You can install Twitter rich card markup to your web page simply by adding a few lines of HTML code in your head section.

Schema Markup: Schema Markup is semantic vocabulary format that we can Mark-up on our web pages to notify the search engines to return more descriptive search results for users. Google plus fetch schema Markup to extract page type, title, image, description, author and canonical URL in Google plus share snippet. Schema Markup is a part of latest SEO techniques.

How to Use Heading Tags in On-Page optimization?

Heading tags are used to write the headline of an article and web page. To place most important or primary keywords in H1 tags is a good on-page SEO technique. Heading tag also known as headline tag. You have to use H2, H3 and H4 tag for alternative headlines. Never repeat H1 tag on a single web page. Use descriptive and quality content in heading elements.

The required image alt attribute specifies an alternative placeholder for an image when the image cannot be load due to an error. Image alt tag is the most important factor of SEO. Google image search engine used image alt tags search an image. Use most important keywords in image alt and title tag for effective on-page SEO.

How to Use Anchor Text and Page URL in On Page Optimization?
Anchor text and page URL are good on-page SEO factors to use keywords in them for effective search engine optimization. Here we are explaining how to use anchor text and page URL in on page SEO.

Anchor text: Anchor text is the clickable text in hyperlinks, which helps to send from one page to another. Hyperlink your relevant pages in all web pages and use descriptive keywords in them.

Page URL: Page URL and page name also used in search engine result pages to display preview snippet of a web page. Page URL should have keywords in them. Never use punctuation marks and gibbering numbers in page URL.


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