Top 15 On Page Optimization Tips For Every Blogger

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latest on page optimization tips for every blogger

You might be seen recent changes in Google, Google make lots of changes in algorithm, and becoming more strict as before, well know in 2013 to 2015 Blogging is very difficult to do it is not only because of Competition in blogging it is, because many changes done by Google, Lots of Skills and requirements need to become a great author, and make a successful blog.

Well Come to point what is this content about? Let me tell you, i am going to share my experience about blogging and Good skills of blogging, even i don’t have all requirement because it is difficult, Well i noticed on some great and famous author and got experience from my blogger friends.

Here is Top and Best On Page Optimization for blog posts or any other website posts. anyone who has HTML structure or editor access, they can do online Seo with these tip, Get your Blog top in search engine with these tips.

Google Always make changes in algorithm and hit millions of blogs when it come so be careful from other black hat techniques and consider on these tips, it may help you to make your blog adorable and more popular.

Top 15 On Page Optimization Tips

So we start all tips from scratch and explained well and step by step.

1. Focus Keyword

First of all before starting or writing a content, you need to focus on your specific keyword, i mean to say choose a unique keyword which is important and what peoples do search term for it, for example in this content i focus on “On Page Optimization” I choose it because i want, when peoples search this term on Google, and my post will appear top on the Google result.

2. Keyword Density

Now count your keyword Volume, how much time you added your focus keyword in a article, you need to write focus keyword again and again so keyword Density will improve and your keyword will get more energy and power. But Never try to do spam, mean don’t add keywords without reason, must add with a Paragraph or with a Sentence. Once Google Analyzed it as spam, you blog will be analyzed by Google, Now Google don’t ignore spam blogs.

3. Keyword tag with H2 or H1

Make Sure you added your keyword with H2 tag, every blog post writer or or editor tool has this option to Make Heading with H2 tag, so before starting a paragraph Add your focus keyword as heading with H2 tag.

4. Add Outbound links

Outbound Link or Exit Links you might be confused what is it?  But don’t confuse it is that links which are also called external links, for example you add a source link from Google , or Facebook or Wikipedia, or any other link which is not relating to your own domain, all are Outbound links. so it increase the capacity and power of On Page Optimization.

5. Permalink Structure or Slug Setting

Mostly peoples do this mistakes many times, Slug for a post very important, first of all make sure your permalink structure is clear, then make at least 5 words slug, not more than 5 or not less than 5, for example my this article slug is > “Topon-page-optimization-tips” So it is a 4 words slug.

6. Article Length

How much you wrote words in a post? i don’t know about your past posts, but now from today you make your habit this add atleast 300 words in a post, less than 300 words article has very lowest seo quality, and it’s called low quality content, you should know about how to identify low quality Content.

7. Images and Media

Images or Media are very important for a article, it is best source for on page optimization, An image explain a subject of the article, and show the reputation of the article, article don’t look good without an image, you can see on all blogs, every bloggers has atleast one featured image on content. But it is very critical to Optimize images for blog, because some images have very large resolution and bit size, so it can destroy your blog speed, Speed up blog loading Time by optimizing.

8. Forwarding to your previous Articles

Adding links in your blog posts that take your readers to previous posts is a good habit, it help you to increase the volume of pageviews, and your article will be more helpful for readers to get better explanations from previous post.

9. Title, Meta Description and Meta tags settings

What is your Title and Description Structure, you might be using very difficult or long Title etc, but as i explained in Tip1 to focus on keyword, so make sure your focus keyword available in Title and Descriptions, it is necessary to put your unique focus keyword there, and Title Should be less than 20 Chars, and Description should be 156 chars. this is default setting, not introduces by me.

10. Duplication

Many bloggers don’t know how to write description or definition for a paragraph, then they copy paragraph from Wikipedia, but if you think Wikipedia is open source then you can copy it, then you are wrong your blog will not success without unique contents and unique stuff, every blogger need to woke up a unique creativity in their mind, so they can success.

11. Doffollow and Nofollow control

Dofofflow links reduce website ranking, Google Dofollow penalty coming soon, so be aware from Google Penalty, very difficult to recover from it. Always make all outbound and external links Nofollow. you can identify link is dofollow or Nofollow, If you are using wordpress Platform then you do not need to manually do links nofollow a Plugin can do this for you. Make all links nofollow at once, But if you are using other platforms then you should make future links no-follow.

12. Bad Reputed Internal Links

Some bloggers post some paid posts for money, but they don’t know what links are about, some peoples post Casi no’* links and it will be a very bad result for blogs, Google Penguin penalize blog because of bad links penalty.

13. Post Elements

Make all Post elements Clear, setup post tags, headings and pitures assigned decent, don’t use bad colors, or over colors for blogs posts. and for paragraph use standard size font, and also use default Arial Font.

Final Words and Advice

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