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Offline Seo techniques and TipsEvery blogger desires to get the good ranking in search engines and for it he uses many techniques. Some of them are successful while mostly are not. Every bloggers needs to make the most of on page and off page SEO. Why? Because it’s the only way get good ranking and traffic. Traffic is just like blood in the human body. A website can’t achieve good reputation without a handsome amount of traffic. The only way to get good amount of organic traffic is by getting good rankings in the search engines.  If we can’t make our posts on good rankings in the search engines then there is no way we can get good traffic. Nonetheless, over the years webmasters have experimented various off-page SEO and they’re evolving rapidly.

Offline SEO Techniques & Tips

Today, I am going to share with all of you, some nice off-page SEO techniques that will definitely help you:

1. Get yourself registered on different forums:

There are more than 1 Million forum based websites all over the world. When you register the on the website, you can change your profile picture and details etc. Many forums allow users to add their signature. In the signature area, you can add your website’s link which will help you to get some good visitors on the website.

2. Submit Articles:

One of the best way is to submit your articles on high PR sites. There are many high PR submission which allows you to submit your articles or news and they will share it with their millions of visitors. This is the great way to get good backlinks.

3. Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is also a good technique in this regard. You have seen many blogs using commentLuv plugin. You can add a comment and put a backlink there. This is also a great way to achieve good ranking in the search engines and one of the best Off-page technique. Try to comments on commentluv enabled blog, this kind of commenting system give you your latest article’s backlink on comment section.

4. Social Bookmarking:

Never forget, social bookmarking is necessary in off-page SEO. Social networking websites like facebook, Google plus, twitter, reddit and Stumbleupon they are really good sites, and you can get good traffic from them. So, always remember to use these websites whenever you publish something new in your blog.

5. Creating a facebook page:

If you have a website and want to get good traffic from facebook then creating a facebook page is the best way. Create a facebook page and share it with the community when you have many likes on your page, you can easily bring a lot of traffic on it.

6. Search Engine Submission:

Submit your website in various websites, like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc and get listed.

7. Link Exchange:

Link Exchange is also good but putting too many likes will make your blog a spammy one. However if you get ready for link exchange then at least check the website first which website you are going to share links with.

Well folks, these are some of the tips we share with all of you. In our next article, we will share more SEO techniques you people should use.

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