No Contact And Social Media: 3 Tips To Help You Figure It Out!

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No Contact And Social Media: 3 Tips To Help You Figure It Out!

In an age where most people use social media is it even possible to do a no contact?

It can in fact be quite tricky and that’s why I wanted to do a video to help you navigate no contact and social media while in the process of getting back together!

Please understand that our advice always needs to be contextualized to what you are going through, to your relationship. Through these videos we try to provide guidance to a wide range of people, and that’s why we always encourage people to book a private coaching session with us; and you can do so here:


Social Media is a tricky tool when trying to get back with someone you love, and we discuss this at great length in this article:

How to use social media to get back with your ex

As a rule, remember that if you are still very hurt and impacted by the breakup…if you feel depressed or insecure, it may be best to avoid social media all together.

Don’t be afraid to leave your comments and questions below!

Wishing you all the the very best.

Coach Adrian

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