Next and Previous Posts Arrows Button With Show & Hide Thumbnail Plugin For WordPress

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I think you are tired to search for this plugin ?

So in this Tutorial i will explain you how you can add a next & previous plugin to your wordpress blog , here is very better plugin which will put next and previous posts arrows with show & hide thumbnails. it have alot of feature this plugin can increase your blog impression, and users can easy read next and previous article it’s also help us to increase pageviews.

It is very Simple and Stylish Arrows when you will drag ot move your mouse cruiser to arrow it will show thumbnail for next and previous posts.

Features in this Plugin – Why You should use this plugin.


A simple navigation plugin which helps users to move backward and forward posts using arrow keys or buttons. It is developed after getting inspiration from post pages. The plugin will show navigation buttons only on single post pages. On hovering the button, next/previous post details are shown in a neat box.

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