NEW GUIDE: How To ETHICALLY Price SEO Services [Updated 2018]

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SEO is a process, and many business owners understand that.

It is likely that many business owners have dealt with SEO’s in the past and have been burned by shady practices with their SEO

So, business owners are always looking to see how you can ethically price your SEO services

What they want is a clear cut way for you to present to them that makes sense

In this video, I cover the BEST way to price your SEO services to get the conversion and to get the new customer

I also cover what you should be doing during those critical months throughout the SEO process

Guide’s I mentioned today:

Backlink blog:
Chase’s YouTube Channel:

P.S Yes I actually practice what I preach, and I feel very comfortable selling this information for the price that it is listed at. You must understand that while I wish I could give this information out to you for free, you would devalue it. Many people devalue America’s high school’s simply because it is not paid for. Yet we superiorly value a highly paid education is real. If the information was free you wouldn’t do anything with it.


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