Netizens bashed Isabel Granada’s ex husband for his posts on social media

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Isabel Granada’s current widower is Arnel Principe-Cowley to whom she reportedly got married with in 2015. The female star posted for the first time, a picture of them as a couple, in August 2016. She proudly called him “Mi Amor,” in her Instagram post. But before Cowley, Isabel was married to Jericho Aguas.

It was back in December 10, 2002, when she wed her co-star Jericho “Geryk” Aguas. A few months after their marriage, Isabel gave birth to their only child, a handsome baby boy named Hubert Thomas Jericho.
Geryk or Jericho is best known for being a politician in Pampanga. But before his political stint, he became part of the indie fantasy-action movie titled “Xenoa.” He acted along with his wife, Isabel Granada, comedian Paolo Ballesteros, and actor Rafael Nanquil.

Jericho and Isabel have been together for over a decade before separating in 2015. Despite their failed marriage, their relationship remained civil.
After hearing about the situation of his former love, Aguas immediately flew to Qatar to be there for his son and mother-in-law, Mommy Guapa. He even posted on his personal social media account pictures of them together when she was still alive.


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