[Must Watch] Success Blogging Courses in Hindi 2018

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Hey welcome friend’s, in this video I will try to teach something new because in this video I will show you complete process of a successful blogging, see below list of topic I will cover in this video.

Download Pages XML – https://hi.veewom.com/success-blogging-courses.htm

Success Blogging Course 2018

01 What is Blogging(Prime)?
02 Find Perfect Name for Your Blog(High CPC)
03 Register Domain Name and Hosting.
04 How to Install Free SSL?
05 How To Install & Setup WordPress
06 Basic Settings of WordPress
07 Find Perfect Theme for Your Blog.
08 SEO
09 Required Pages
10 Submit Website to Search Engines(Google, Bing, Yandex).
11 Keyword Research(Long-Term vs. Short-Term SEO Keywords).
12 Perfect Post Writing
13 Website Page Speed
14 AdSense Approval
15 Backlinks
16 Blog Marketing
17 Traffic(This is Secret)
18 …….

Best WP Themes – https://veewom.com/articles/high-quality-adsense-friendly-wordpress-themes.htm

Backlinks – https://hi.veewom.com/submit

Submit Website on Search Engines

Google – https://youtu.be/9gQ9106_Rz0

Bing – https://youtu.be/r_dudkRDj6A

Yandex – https://youtu.be/_drybO4EVWs

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Thanks, Bharat Makwana.


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