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दोस्तों इस विडियो में आको मिलेगी जानकारी निम्नलिखित विषयों पर :-
की कैसे हम paytm app की मदद से सोना खरीद कर घर बैठे पैसे कमा सकते है,
Friends in this video you will find information on the following topics: – How can we earn money by buying gold with the help of paytm app,
money earning apps
online earning
paytm earn money
paytm se paise kaise kamaye paise kamane ka tarika
KYC gold coin paytm bank account
Paytm ATM card

Channel Note:-This video is only for Information about paytm app and gold coin. We do not buy or sell anything. This Youtube channel ‘VH Original’ only share information.

Video Disclaimer:- Before watching this video, the creator and creator of this video have seen that everyone has read incredible, so please make sure that you’ve read this disclaimer. I have only created this video for educational and informative purpose only and I have collected all the information and data from the third party sources, so this is not always right and the creators of this video are accountable about nothing. And it is illegal to sell any Notification Note / Coin in India, which is of Indian Government, unless the Government of India declares a special currency that “There is no legal tender in this currency”, then you Do not allow the sale of that particular sale. / Note, clearly you can not sell under any notes / syllabus. But you can sell all corporations, which are not legal tender, which are mandatory so that they can be enjoyed.

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