Marketing Scoop 2.6: What is Enterprise SEO? [SEO]

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On today’s episode we look at what enterprise SEO is, and the specific differences between enterprise SEO and regular SEO.

Joining host David Bain for this one are 2 special guests…

== Nick Wilsdon, Search Product Owner at Vodafone Group

Nick is a veteran digital marketer and strategist, who can deploy performance SEO and digital programmes across organisations and international markets.

== Arnoldo Cabrera, Global SEO Manager en IKEA Group

Arnoldo is an experienced online marketing specialist with an extreme focus on delivery quality. His specialties include SEO, SEM, lead generation, inbound marketing and web analytics.

== News items reviewed in the show:

– Danny Sullivan has reached out to the SEO community – saying, “We’re curious about what’s top-of-mind in your hopes and dreams about how Google displays listings.”
– Some people are reporting seeing a double featured snippet.
– Google are saying – “Make sure Google can see lazy-loaded content”

== Enterprise SEO topics covered:

– What is enterprise SEO?
– What’s the difference between enterprise SEO and regular SEO?
– What are the specific aspects of enterprise SEO that make it different from ‘regular’ SEO?
– How do you define quick SEO wins if your site has millions of pages?
– What do you if you can’t make the SEO changes that you want to make?
– What other specific challenges do enterprise SEOs face?


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