Marketing Minute 106: “Are Social Media Micro-Influencers Worth the Cost?” (Digital Marketing)

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A lot of attention during the past five years of digital marketing has been focused on how social media “influencers” can change people’s attitudes and behaviors toward particular brands, products, and ideas.

Many of these influencers charge significant amounts of money for anything from a mere mention of your brand to an all-out product review where they, hopefully, offer lavish praise so their audiences buy whatever it is you sell.

And now, we have the rise of the “micro-influencers.” Although definitions vary, these are people who have between a thousand and one hundred thousand followers on social media or blogs. The suggested benefits of micro-influencers are that they’re likely to be more narrowly focused on a particular niche market, they have higher engagement rates than large-scale influencers., and they know their audiences well.

If you manage a brand that wants to get more intimate with its audience, or you want to test products or ideas or messages, this type of representation might be valuable to you. But as with any marketing,
regardless of the person you choose to communicate for you, the key is to choose a spokesperson who will represent your brand appropriately, connect well with your audience, and deliver messages with sincerity.

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