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There’s one good reason why it’s worthy to make money selling promotional products. The commission is great once you build your own customer database. You only have to find clients, and most businesses need promotional products or corporate giveaways. These are tendencies that they will become your regular customers and you get repeat orders and customer referrals. And that is once you have given them a good customer service. They may not order today but once their promotional needs arise, the first thing that clients would find is you. Most clients need promotional items ranging from apparels, pens, key chains, office supplies, note pads, note books, electronics, etc. You name it and they’ll have it. They use it for their business, trade shows or any events like conventions, birthdays, weddings and many more. In fact it is estimated that there are more than 600,000 promotional items which can be customized with a logo or imprints using different kinds of methods like silkscreen, embroidery, etching, emboss, four-color process and many more.

Promotional products are a profitable business. And as an affiliate, you can work together with distributors depending on what set up you have made with them. With promotional items distributor, they will be responsible on placing the order, art work until these products are shipped out. You might possibly dealing with clients that could maybe in the top 500 corporations. All you have to do is just to connect with your potential clients through a right prospecting. With a little amount of determination that you’ll have and the effort you have exerted, it will yield good results any time soon. It’s just a sales training we have acquired from one class about sales 101.

If you give your customers the best service, you might get the tendency that these can be your repeat customers and will contact you as soon as possible.
Selling promotional products is very challenging because a client order, as much as possible should be perfect in the making. Although it’s risky to sell promotional items, but it’s worth towards our effort.

For those who are new in selling customized items, here’s a guideline on how you can sell promotional products or corporate giveaways with your prospects.

1. Choose only a credible supplier or distributors who you know who can provide good customer services who can work with you.
2. Make sure to make it clear with your vendor about the terms and conditions especially the commission that you will be getting from them.
3. Prepare customer’s necessary document in placing your order: art work or logo design, purchase order, credit card form signed by your customer.
4. Keep in mind about the in hands date. An in hands date is the time that your customers need their goods. Make sure it has to meet just before the dead line.
5. Once the order is placed, please update your customer from time to time. Make sure that everything is approved by your customer before going into production.
6. Once the items are received by your customers, get feedback about your orders.

These are just some of the helpful insights on selling promotional items. Get some experts to help you by attending seminars and training.

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